Tuesday, July 20, 2010

101 Things in 1,001 Days

So, I have been thinking for awhile about a "theme" for my blog, and I think I finally came to a decision...even though this idea is not original (I stole it from Marcie from Justin and Marcie), I think it's a great idea and I am SUPER excited about it.  Below is a list of 101 items that I want to accomplish in 1,001 days.  I am definitely looking forward to this adventure!  I will begin on August 1, 2010, and hope to have all items completed by April 27, 2013!  I think the main things I hope to accomplish during these 1,001 days is to make memories, have really interesting experiences, learn a lot about myself, and get a lot of crap done.  =)  Wish me luck!!!!!  Here goes nothing:
  1. Arrive at work on time everyday for a month.
  2. Take a trip to Vegas.
  3. Get married.
  4. Run a 5K.
  5. Exercise 3 times per week for 2 months.
  6. Take a trip with my mom and sister.
  7. Buy new bedroom furniture.
  8. Successfully Combine Houses with Patrick.
  9. Get an iPad.
  10. Visit the Hermitage.
  11. Buy end tables for my living room.
  12. Buy lamps for my living room.
  13. Lose 10 pounds.
  14. Make a "cookbook" with all of my favorite recipes.
  15. Organize all of my pictures into albums and frames.
  16. Put pictures on both of my digital picture frames.
  17. Take a trip to Europe.
  18. Add 5 more states to my "states I have visited" list.
  19. Frame my diplomas and hang in my office.
  20. Frame my CPA certificate and hang in my office.
  21. Go back to Arrington Vineyards.
  22. Learn Sign Language.
  23. Get a dog.
  24. Go on another cruise.
  25. Join a Bible study.
  26. Find a church in Nashville that I LOVE.
  27. Run a half marathon in under 2:30.
  28. Celebrate Patrick's 1/2 birthday since I never get to celebrate his ACTUAL birthday (March 9).
  29. Go backcountry camping.
  30. Serve a meal to the homeless.
  31. Go hiking at Radnor Lake again.
  32. Go watch a movie at a Drive-In Theater.
  33. Make a wedding photo book.
  34. Visit my sister in South Carolina.
  35. Buy a new camera.
  36. Buy a new DVD player.
  37. Take my sister to Sips 'n Strokes.
  38. Join another civic organization.
  39. Help the Nashville Junior Chamber increase its membership to 275 people.
  40. Learn to make a beautifully decorated cake.
  41. Make a photo book of our engagement pictures.
  42. Take my brother to a Tennessee Titan's game.
  43. Help my Dad plant day lilies in my front yard.
  44. Make Patrick a gourmet meal.
  45. Learn to make homemade ice cream from my mother.
  46. Walk a half marathon with my mom.
  47. Take a trip to Charleston with Patrick, since he's never been.
  48. Write an article for our work newsletter.
  49. Bring in a client at work.
  50. Have a blogger meet-up!
  51. Donate my old phone to charity.
  52. Gain 100 blog followers!
  53. Get HDTV...FINALLY!
  54. Register Zoey for agility classes.
  55. Fill up my Pandora bracelet with charms.
  56. Hang the mirror that I purchased for my half bathroom.
  57. Have a yard sale.
  58. Buy a new house!
  59. Put actual pictures in my picture frames instead of the pictures that come with the frame.
  60. Give up caffeine for a week.
  61. Go on a NashTrash Tour.
  62. Watch the Tennessee Titans Cheerleading tryouts.
  63. Keep my house clean enough for company for an entire month.
  64. Go on a girls weekend trip with Anna Catherine and Kathleen.
  65. Pay off my car...and NOT get a new one!
  66. Send a card a week for an entire month for no reason at all.
  67. Play Tuesday night trivia with a group of friends.
  68. Visit the Jack Daniels Distillery again.
  69. Spend an entire day without leaving my house.
  70. Find a super cute outfit to wear to UT football games.
  71. Go to at least 3 UT football games.
  72. Go to 2 amusement parks that I haven't been to.
  73. Blog every work day for a month.
  74. Cash in the photo shoot that I won at a silent auction.
  75. Make 2 new friends.
  76. Take a 1-week Facebook sabbatical.
  77. Take golf lessons.
  78. Eat dinner at Ruth's Chris.
  79. Take a dance class.
  80. Teach Zoey to "Say the Blessing."
  81. Go back to Holiday World.
  82. See my kickball team win the league championship.
  83. Buy a cornhole set.
  84. Go to the Nashville Flea market.
  85. Visit the Mall of America.
  86. Visit Cades Cove again.
  87. Take a hike in the Smoky Mountains.
  88. Get a sponsor for my blog!
  89. Watch my sister graduate with her Masters Degree.
  90. Watch TN beat AL in football.
  91. Take a drive on the Natchez Trace Parkway.
  92. Hire someone to clean my house.
  93. Move my old college textbooks out of my parents basement.
  94. Find a mentor.
  95. Refinish my Grandmother's cedar chest.
  96. Buy a new Christmas tree.
  97. Make it through a tax season with no tears.
  98. Buy a new laptop.
  99. Buy a new cell phone.
  100. Go horseback riding again.
  101. Visit the Frist.
Here's to trying something new and holding myself accountable.  =)


Amber said...

I LOVE THIS! So many great things on here. It sounds like you plan to do a good deal of home removations and remodeling. Keep me updated on your progress. :)

AJ said...

If you need a companinon let me know. You've got some stuff on your list that i'd love to do too.

AMW said...

Love this! Such a great list!! Lemme know when you do #61... I've been wanting to do that, too! :)