Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happiness Project–January Wrap-Up!

The Happiness Project_thumb[1]

Well, it looks like I made it through month 1 of my Happiness Project.  If you are confused reading this post, you can check out what I’m doing here!  January’s focus was on the blog and I have to say that I have REALLY enjoyed getting back into blogging!  This is one of my favorite hobbies and taking some time to post each day has really made me feel more content.  Here’s a little review on how I did with my “Resolutions”:

1.  Blog every work day.  Done!  I am happy to report that I kept this resolution every single day!  This is actually the first time in my entire blogging life that I have done this and I have to say it really helped me feel accomplished and less guilty.  I know, I know, I shouldn’t feel guilt over a hobby, but I think that’s just part of my personality.  I had to learn when I started this project that I can’t have as many hobbies as I’ve had in the past.  Instead, I need to focus on the hobbies that truly increase my “happiness” and focus on giving those my best. 

2.  Comment on at least 2 blogs per day.  I completed this resolution every day except 1, and quite frankly, I simply forgot.  I commented on 1 blog early in the day and then didn’t even think about it again until the next morning when I realized I hadn’t followed through with another comment.  I think that’s still a pretty good track record, if you ask me!

3.  Have my blogs posts published by noon everyday.  This is the one area that I could have really done better.  I missed 3 days of posting before noon, and that was usually because I was just too tired to schedule a post one night and therefore, just waited until I got home from work to post.  I think I need to work on trying to schedule posts on the weekend!

4.  Proofread every post for grammatical errors.  Done!  I double checked every post before hitting the “Publish” button.  Now, will I say that every single post made it without a single error?  No way!  However, I did do my best and that’s all I ever expected of myself!

So, I guess the next question I have to ask myself is where do I go from here?  Next month, do I keep all of these resolutions and then add more to my list for the February focus?  I think that’s the idea, but with my work schedule, I’m just not sure it’s realistic.  SO, I have decided that items 2, 3, and 4 above I’m going to try to continue.  THEN, until April 15, I’m going to focus on blogging 3 work days a week instead of 5.  I think this will allow me to still feel connected to the blog community without creating as much of a time commitment!

Stay tuned tomorrow where I reveal next month’s Happiness Project area of focus!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What I’m Loving Wednesday!


Happy Wednesday!  I hope you are all making it through this mid-week hump day!  Here’s what I’m loving on this day and everyday!

1.  Reliving our wedding day through all of these wedding posts!  It brings back so many memories and I love it!

2.  Speaking of our wedding…our photo album should be here any day and THAT makes this girl SUPER happy!  I can’t wait to see it, and to see Will and Laurie (our photographers) again…it’s been too long!  Here is a sample of what our album will look like!

wedding album

3.  That my beau will be in town this weekend!  I know it’s silly, and I know that sometimes some good ole fashioned girl time and alone time does the mind and body well.  However, with it being tax season and me having limited time, I am glad that this coming weekend we get to spend some quality time together!


4.  Speaking of this weekend, it’s SUPER Bowl weekend!  I love the Super Bowl…not just the parties, but I love spending the entire day on Sunday watching coverage of the big game!  This year, I think I’m cheering for the Ravens…not sure exactly why I chose them…maybe because I like purple?


5.  And finally, I’m always loving these 2:

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Groomsmans’ Pics

While the ladies were getting all dolled up and having their pictures made, the guys were hanging out at Rocketown drinking getting their pics made.  =)  For those who don’t know much about Rocketown, it’s a music venue (which is where our wedding/reception was held), but it’s also a Christian teen center and skate park.  I didn’t realize when we decided for the guys to get ready there that it would create so many cool photo opportunities.  I have to credit Streetlight Republic for their eye and realizing the opportunities that the venue created!  Here are some of my favorite pictures of my beau and his best guys!

Since I did a small feature on each of the ‘maid’s, I decided it might be fun to tell a little about each of the groomsmen.  I’ll start with Adam, the Best Man!  He and Patrick have been friends for years, and they first met through a mutual friend right after Adam moved to town!  Adam’s daughter is also Patrick’s goddaughter and a flower girl in our wedding!

Next up is Kirk!  He and Patrick have been friends for so long, that I couldn’t even tell you, but I do know they met in college and were in the same fraternity, Kappa Alpha.  Kirk is one of those friends that we may not get to see as often as we would like, but he is always there when you need him.  His daughter, Adriana, was also a flower girl.

Mickey and Patrick have also been friends for years…maybe even since Mickey was in high school and coming to visit his sister (who went to college with Patrick) at Tennessee Tech.  He later also attended Tech and he and Patrick became even better friends.  Mickey also happens to be married to Kathleen, one of my BFFs, so we hang out with those 2 very often!

Phillip and Patrick also met in college (are you seeing a theme here), and they were also in the same Fraternity.  Phillip and his wife lived in Florida the entire time Patrick and I dated, but have finally moved back to middle TN so we’re happy that we get to see these guys more often!

York, who’s real name is David York, but he’s always been just York to me, also went to college with Patrick and yes, you guessed it, was also in his fraternity (these guys are a tight nit group, ha).  He and his wife have a daughter, Lauren, who is also Patrick’s goddaughter; she kept the book at our wedding!

Jack and Patrick were also fraternity brothers, and stayed close friends because Jack also lives in Nashville.  He and Patrick manage a fantasy football league together and let me tell you, this thing is pretty serious!!!!!

I am happy to report that Chase and Patrick became friends through me!  Chase and I were on the board of the Junior Chamber together, and he and Patrick just hit it off!  Now, Chase lives right down the street from us and has a cute doggy that Sweet Zoey loves to play with!

Jeffers (whose REAL name is Matt Jeffers) is also a fellow KA, and he and Patrick have been friends for years, too.  Patrick loves to blame the awkward first meeting he and I had on the fact that he was a little on the hungover side because of Jeffers bachelor party in Atlanta!

And, last but not least, Daniel, my brother!  He and Patrick always love to get into some sort of game or sporting event at every family get together.  I think after years of putting up with 2 sisters, Daniel is extremely happy to have another boy in the family!

Well, there you have it…all the guys that stood by Patrick on our big day!  I know some of these pics are super silly, but I had to share them because it really shows the personalities of this group!  Such a fun, good group of guys!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Update!

While Patrick was out of town this weekend at a bachelor party, Zoey and I decided to have the ultimate girls’ weekend!  Friday night, we watched about 4 episodes of Nashville and just relaxed the rest of the night. 

Saturday, after I worked in the morning, I came home and cleaned the house a little bit.  I had a Scentsy party that night because my friend, Anna Catherine, is selling it.  We had a great time hanging out with some really fun ladies!  AND, I got lots of good stuff, too!  After that I grabbed dinner with Alysia and Inta and was home in bed by 10:00 pm.

On Sunday, I relaxed around the house in the morning, then I headed to get my rings cleaned and then to get a mani/pedi.  It was glorious!  By that point, my beau was back home relaxing with Zoey, so I decided to head back and hang out with them.  After a nap, a good dinner, and an episode of Downton Abbey, it was time for bed! 

It was a nice weekend, but of course, it went by too soon.  How was your weekend?

Friday, January 25, 2013

Bridemaids’ Pics

After us girls all got ready at the Hilton, we headed outside to the Walk of Fame Park to snap a few pictures!  We also headed over to the Schermerhorn Symphony Center and took some pics in front of the beautiful fountains.  APPARENTLY, that is against the rules, and we got kicked out after just a couple of pics…at least they turned out great and it didn’t matter.  =)  Here’s a look at some of my favorite pics (again, all pics are courtesy of Streetlight Republic):

After getting kicked out of the Schermerhorn, we headed over to Rocketown and had a few pics made that included our flower girls:

I also thought I would take this opportunity to tell you a little about my bridesmaids.  First up, is Laura, my sister and maid of honor.  She and I have always been there for each other, and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect person to be my top maid!

Next up is Andi!  She and I met my first semester in college (even though she doesn’t remember me…Ha!), but became good friends when we worked together (and shared an office) at our first job out of college.  I’m not exactly sure how we both didn’t get fired for chatting so much, but we definitely had a great time!

Kathleen and I met our last semester of undergrad when we did a group project together.  We later became friends in grad school and have been really tight ever since.  When I first moved to Nashville, she took me under her wing and made sure I always had something to do.  We even both married 2 guys who had been friends for years as well!

Anna Catherine and I also became friends in grad school.  My favorite AC story is when she tells people that she remembers talking to me on a riverboat cruise during the first week in grad school, and she swore I was so unhappy and stressed about school that I was going to jump off the boat.  I laugh every time I hear that story because it was soooo true!  Anyway, AC, Kat, and I have stayed extremely close in the last 8 years, especially since she also lives in the Middle TN area.

Alysia and I became friends when she started working at the same CPA firm as me just a few months after I did.  We immediately hit it off and even though she has moved on to another job, she and I have become even better friends!  She’s also a pretty good kickball player!

Next up is my 2nd cousin, Stephanie!  I was a flower girl in her mother’s wedding almost 25 years ago, and was happy to have her a bridesmaid in mine!

And, last but not least is Kristine, my sister-in-law!  Not only is she super sweet and super fun, but she has made me feel a part of the family since the first time I met her.  The only thing wrong with Kristine is that she lives on the other side of the country.  =(  Oh, well, that just means that Patrick and I can take road trips to see her in California!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A to Z of Me!

So, it’s possible that I stole this idea from someone else…thank you West Sac Honey!  I love stuff like this though, so I thought I would give it a shot…

age – 32…UGH!  Getting so old!

bed size – King!  One of my favorite parts of my bedroom furniture I bought a few years ago is the size of the bed!

chore you hate – Ironing…In fact, I hate it sooooo bad that I haven’t done it in months…seriously, MONTHS!

dogs – Only the sweetest dog, Sweet Zoey!

essential start to your day – Coffee!

favorite color – Black is my favorite color to wear…

gold or silver - Silver…although gold is growing on me these days!

height - 5 feet 7 inches

instruments you play – My musical talent is virtually non-existent!

job title – Tax Manager

kids – Not, yet, but one day!

live – with my hubs and Zoey!

married – Yep, as of July 14, 2012

nicknames – Never been much of a nickname type, but my beau calls me Melrose!

overnight hospital stays – Only as a baby…I had a really bad stomach virus that lead to severe dehydration.

pet peeve – Too many to count, but my most recent one is when people misuse “I” and “me.”  

righty or lefty – I’m a righty all the way!

siblings - Brother – Daniel, Sister – Laura

time you wake up – I SHOULD wake up at 6:15, but it’s usually between 6:45-7:00

university attended – The University of Tennessee, Knoxville – GO VOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vegetables you dislike – Cauliflower...that’s pretty much the only one!

what makes you run late – Everything!  I am seriously never on time!  I think the main thing is that I underestimate how long my routine takes.

x-rays you’ve had – Just my ankles!  I have sprained/fractured them both many, many times…I blame it on my tumbling days!

yummy food – Mexican!  I seriously love all different types of food, but Mexican is definitely my fav!

zoo animal favorite - The giraffe!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What I’m Loving Wednesday!


Happy Wednesday everyone!  I hope you are all having an excellent week.  Here’s what I’m loving today:

1.  That I got an e-mail today stating that my customized North Face jacket has shipped.  Here’s the one I “designed:”north face

2.  That this weekend I am hosting a Scentsy party.  My friend, Anna Catherine, is selling these products and I’m excited to see what it’s all about!Scentsy

3.  The book Bossy Pants by Tina Fey!  I started reading this book a few weeks ago and it’s a great read!  You should check it out!bossy pants

4.  That my condo is rented!  I know, I know, I talked about this earlier this week!  However, if you knew how excited I am, you would totally understand my need to discuss it constantly!  It’s going to be soooo nice to only have 1 mortgage!  Woohoo!Kitchen2

5.  As always, I’m loving these 2:IMG_0349