Monday, August 30, 2010

#11 - DONE!!!!!

So, you may have figured out by now that early this summer I bought new living room furniture...I had been using my old furniture since the day that I moved out of my parents' house in 2002 and it was old, I felt it was high-time!  Well, I found a couch and ottoman fairly easily, but when it came to purchasing end tables, I had a TOUGH time!  Everything that I liked was too expensive and everything that was in my budget I didn't like.  Soooo, I decided that on my 101 Things list, I was going to include purchasing new end tables for my living room.  Well, several weeks ago I found the end tables that I wanted at Pier One, and yesterday, they both arrived.  Here is the finished product:

Let me just say that I am so excited about them!  They are the perfect size, and the perfect color to go with my other furniture.  Also, I love that they have 2 drawers and some storage space at the bottom so that I can easily keep things neat.  They were definitely a great investment!!!!!

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