Monday, November 8, 2010

#91 -- DONE!!!!!

Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, my beau and I went to Loveless Cafe for lunch.  Loveless is located at the base of the Natchez Trace Parkway (a 444 mile scenic road that goes from Nashville, TN to Natchez, MS), and since it was an absolutely gorgegous day (and because I wanted to mark something else off my 101 Things list) we decided to take a drive and see what it was all about. 

The first stop we made was, of course, at the entrance sign...I mean, we couldn't miss out on a photo-op, right?  Unfortunately, we were the ONLY people there, so, sadly enough, no pictures of the 2 of us together, but we did take a couple of single shots of each other:

Next, we came across the Birdsong Hollow, which is a lookout onto this beautiful bridge:

After hanging out there for a while, taking it all in, we decided to get back in the car and drive a little farther.  I was so amazed with how beautiful it all was.  Also, it was soooooo peaceful.  I think I realized that I have taken for granted how completely commercialized everything is in this country.  On the Natchez Trace, there are no billboards, no gas stations, no fast food...heck, there aren't even many cars because the speed limit is so low.  It was so nice to just be driving and taking in the beautiful scenery and spending time with my beau.  =)

Since we both thought it was really nice and peaceful, we decided that next spring (when it gets warmer) that we are taking a small trip down the Natchez Trace and finding somewhere to camp for the night.  How AWESOME will that be?????

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Randy Fought said...

The Natchez Trace is beautiful and peaceful. Hope you do have the opportunity next spring to explore more of the Trace. You can find tons of info, pictures, videos and maps on my website And, if you want to travel in luxury you can stay at one of the many B&Bs that we work with located just off the Trace!