Friday, December 16, 2011

#74 -- DONE!!!!!

This year Patrick and I decided to do a "family" Christmas card!  It was intended to be a Zoey Christmas Card, but while we were having pictures made, we had a few snapped of all 3 of us and those turned out pretty good, too, so we decided why not?

Over a year ago, I won a photo shoot at a silent auction and never had a need to cash it in...WELL, all I needed was a dog to find a good excuse!  So, I called Tim from Mindub Photography and asked if the certificate was still good, and he said of course!  We agreed to meet up at the Ag Center here in Nashville!  It was a terribly cloudy and ugly day, but a great day for beautiful photographs!  We loved all of them, but here are our favorites:

Yes, in the above pictures, Zoey looks like the perfect little angel...WELL, take a look at these pics...they are representative of how much fun she was having...and Patrick and me, too:

And finally...the pics that made the cut for the Christmas card...

Thanks, Tim for doing such wonderful pics!  We couldn't be more pleased!!!!!

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