Monday, November 1, 2010

#78 -- DONE!!!!!

So, as I mentioned in this post, Patrick and I did pretty well in our yard sale on Saturday.  Therefore, we decided that, as a way of celebrating, we would head to Ruth's Chris for dinner that night.  Granted, we don't treat ourselves to these type of expensive dinners very often, so this was a much anticipated evening for us.  =)  Not only is this one of my favorite restaurants, but it was also on my 101 Things list.  Patrick had never been to Ruth's Chris, and I was excited for him to experience it with me for the first time!

We each started off with a salad (he got the wedge salad, while I got a chopped salad), then for our main course we each got the ribeye with broiled tomatoes and shoestring fries to share.  My favorite was definitely the salad and tomatoes, but it was all very good.  Because we both agreed that it's not everyday that we get to eat dinner at Ruth's Chris, we also decided to order this for dessert:
Doesn't this look AMAZING?????  Well, rest assured that it WAS!!!!!  It was definitely my favorite part of the entire meal!  Absolutely wonderful!

It was definitely a fun night!  Not only did we have a great dinner, but we also had a great date night!

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Justin and Marcie said...

Sadly enough, I have never been to Ruth's Chris. But that desert looks FANTASTIC so I may need to schedule a dinner date there :)