Monday, November 22, 2010

#43 -- DONE!!!!!

When I was younger, my dad planted day lilies all over my parent's back yard.  I have always loved them and thought they all looked so pretty when they bloomed in the spring.  Once I bought my own place, I knew that I wanted some of those day lilies in my yard so that I could have a little bit of home with me at all times.  Therefore, I decided to put it on my 101 Things list because, let's face it...that's the best way for me to actually get something done!  =)

Because the fall is the best time to plant day lilies, my dad decided to bring some with him when he and my mom were in town for the half marathon.  We were going to plant them on Saturday afternoon.  I have to admit, I was exhausted after the half marathon, and I didn't actually help plant the day lilies.  However, I DID water them after they were planted, so I decided that would be good enough.  =)
Since Peppermint did almost as much work as me, she also got to be in the picture.  =)
I'll definitely report back next spring when they bloom.  I'm sure they will look just as beautiful here in Nashville as they do in Strawberry Plains.  =)

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