Tuesday, May 22, 2012

#41 -- DONE!!!!!

As soon as we got our engagement pictures back, I knew I wanted to create a photo book including some of my favorites!  As a means of motivation, I decided to add it to my 101 Things!  Since we need a guest book for our wedding, this seemed like the perfect option!

Well, it arrived last week, and I love it even more than I expected!  Here are a few of my favorite pages of the book:
The cover pic is definitely my favorite engagement pic we have!

I alternated between color pics and black and white...here's a color page!

Close up of where our guests will sign in.

One of my favorite pics of my beau!

The back cover...
Have you ever made a Photo Book before?  They are sooooo easy and sooooo worth it!  I love having the pages to flip through at my leisure.  =)

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Justin and Marcie said...

LOVE your book!!!! And I love that cover picture too!