Saturday, January 1, 2011

#83 -- DONE!!!!!

On Christmas Eve, after all the presents had been unwrapped there was still one more VERY large gift.  Even though this gift had my name on it, I wasn't allowed to open it until Patrick was with me because I was told that it was a gift for both of us.  When he and I got to see each other after Christmas, it was at the top of our agenda to open this monstrosity:
How excited were we to find a fun cornhole set inside!  I know, I know, my 101 Things list says "BUY a cornhole set."  However, no one can argue that receiving one as a gift is even better! 

Fortunately, we were able to break it in this week when we tailgated for the Music City Bowl.  Here are a few pics:
Who says you can't play cornhole in boots?!?!?

Libby and I taking a quick camera break!

Patrick looks like he's about to give the girls a run for their money!
I can't think of a better Christmas gift!  Everyone who has seen the cornhole boards have been very impressed with my parents and their gift-giving abilities!  Thanks Mom and Dad!

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