Thursday, May 31, 2012

#94 -- DONE!!!!!

I've thought about this item on my 101 Things list for quite some time.  I haven't blogged about it, yet, because I feel like it's something that has happened over time, rather than all of a sudden one day.  This item is to find a mentor.  I definitely didn't want to just walk up to someone some time and ask them to be my mentor...instead, I feel like this is a relationship that grows over time...I feel that it must be someone you really click with and who you look up to in all areas of life...not just one particular area, such as a career.

My mentor is my friend at work, Sandy.  She has 2 adorable and sweet pre-teen girls, she loves to run (she's ran several half marathons, done of triathalons, and will probably one day run a full marathon), she has tons of friends (despite the fact that she's so busy all the time), and still manages to have a career in public accounting (no small feat with a family).  As I have a lot of life changes in the coming years, I hope that I can keep it all together half as much as she is able to!

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