Thursday, August 9, 2012

#3 -- DONE!!!!!

Here I go again...marking something else off the ole 101 Things list and forgetting to blog about it...well, don't worry, you will read many posts about this life changing event!  #3 on the list was to Get Married!  And on July 14, 2012, I did just that! 

I can't wait to feel everyone in on all the fun and promise to get started soon, instead of just talking about it!  For now, I must work on taxes...and I must combine 2 households!  Gee whiz, this girl is BUSY!

Hope to be back tomorrow starting in on all the fun!  Until's another teaser from the photo booth!


Anna Catherine said...

Ha! Really would have thought a picture of Patrick would make this post, but we see him all the time on here. I do think that's a fun picture! Can't wait to see more!

Melissa said...

Ha! That happens to be one of my fav pics of the 3 of us! I HAD to use it! =)