Sunday, June 12, 2011

#23 -- DONE!!!!!

Meet Zoey!  A Boston Terrier/Jack Russell 4 month old puppy, who weighs 18 pounds and is (hopefully) potty trained!  Patrick and I have been thinking of getting a dog for several months now (hence the reason it's on my 101 Things list), but just never could find the exact one!  Well, last Sunday, after being forced to leave the pool because of rain, we headed to the Nashville Humane Society to just "look."  Next thing you know, this little girl was winning our hearts!  We didn't get her that night, but instead decided to head home and sleep on it.  The next day, we knew she was OUR dog! 

Even though it has been a big change in both mine and Patrick's life, we are already so attached to this little girl, we really don't know what we did before she came along!  My favorite thing about her is how she cuddles up with me on the couch after I have taken her out in the mornings and we go back to sleep until my alarm goes off (yes, she wakes up SOOOOOOOOOOO early). 

I so look forward to her growing up and seeing how much she changes over the next several months!


paddy said...

She's a Sweetheart!

Alysia said...

I can't believe YOU have a dog...LOL. I can't wait to meet her.