Monday, July 26, 2010

My First Top Two Tuesday!!!!!!

Top 2 Favorite perfumes/colognes/scents

I am soooooo excited to be posting my first Top Two Tuesday!!!!!  (Yes, I know it's still Monday, but I couldn't wait any longer!)  =)  For those who read my blog and aren't familiar with Top Two Tuesday, Tay at The Undomestic Momma gives us bloggers a topic every week, and it's our job to respond on our own blogs and link up with her's.  So, here's my first attempt...hope you enjoy!

1.  Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker -- All of my life, I've never been a big perfume person...mainly because strong smells give me serious headaches.  However, about 5 years ago, I discovered this scent and have used in religiously ever since!  In fact, I am almost out and need to head to the nearest Macy's THIS weekend to purchase another bottle.  =)

2.  Black Raspberry Vanilla from Bath and Body Works -- Just like with perfume, I have a VERY difficult time finding a body lotion scent that I enjoy (and usually when I do, it gets discontinued).  However, I found this several years ago and use it daily.
Hope you all have an EXCELLENT Tuesday!



Aimee @ Life As An Oakes said...

I sell Scentsy and their black raspberry vanilla scent is my FAVORITE so I need to try that lotion. Great picks!

Ashley @ Life Is Beautiful said...

I use to love wearing Black Raspberry Vanilla! I just can't use scented lotions anymore because my skin is so sensitive, but I still love smelling them!

Happy Tuesday!

FrugalMom said...

Hi There,
I’m your newest follower. I’m stopping by from Top 2 Tuesday Frugality Is Free

Stephanie said...

visiting from Top 2 Tuesday and I SO understand when you said smells give you a headache!! I am the same way and I cannot smell anything with a floral scent!!

Miss Chelsea said...

That SJP bottle is so pretty! I would leave it sitting out on my counter as decoration haha

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

Oh Ill have to find those!

Design Apprentice said...

Stopping by from top 2 tuesday. I love black raspberry vanilla. I feel this would be the perfect soap for a house to have.