Wednesday, October 6, 2010

#67 - DONE!!!!!

I mentioned in this post that I spent Saturday evening hanging out with my BFFs from Grad School!  We always have a GREAT time together, and this night was no different.  When trying to decide what we were going to do while visiting Fayetteville, AC suggested that we head over to the local Mexican restaurant.  She tells us the food is excellent and that if we get there by 7:00 we can join in the nightly trivia.  I was ecstatic over the fact that not only do I LOVE Mexican food, but also because I was going to be able to mark something else off my 101 Things list.  While I had originally posted that I wanted to play TUESDAY night trivia, I decided this still counted because the only reason I had said Tuesday night in the first place is because the bar in Nashville that I thought I would attend only hosts Trivia on a Tuesday night. 

We had a great time playing and eating dinner.  And surprising enough, we weren't, we didn't win or anything, but thanks to some creative calculating by the lady who was keeping score (we think she may have miscounted, but we also may not have called her on it), we came in 3rd or 4th place.  Not bad!

Like I said earlier, I always have fun with these girls and this is just another memory to add to that list!


Caroline said...

trivia is surprisingly fun (even if you think you'd suck at it)! Way to mark things off the list!

Amber said...

Girl's nights are the best. Way to go knocking another item off your list! :)

Christina said...

Trivia is a lot of are girls nights!