Monday, January 24, 2011

#98 -- DONE!!!!!

When I made my 101 Things list, I never thought I would have to buy a laptop so soon!  However, unfortunately, I wasn't really left with a choice when my old laptop died a couple of months ago.

Thank goodness my beau is such a bargain hunter.  He found me the perfect laptop for a really good price.  The laptop I chose is made by Asus and it even has a 10-Key (a must have for us nerdy accountants) and a webcam.

Glad to back in the world of the technologically advanced again!


Amber said...

A 10 Key on your laptop! SCORE!!! :)

You are killing your 101. Ireally need to update mine because I've done a lot on it.

Hope you're surviving the beginning of busy season!

Caroline said...

They make a 10 key???? I so need this!!!!