Monday, January 3, 2011

11 in 2011: Day 3 -- Favorite Work-Out Tips

Day 3:  Favorite Work-Out Tips

1.  Sign up for races or events -- For me, I have found that the ONLY motivation I have to exercise is if I know that I HAVE to exercise or I will embarass myself.  Hence the reason I continue to sign up and pay for races.  I know that if I actually pay for a race, then I will actually train for it, which will in turn keep me from getting embarassed by not being prepared!  =)

2.  Never put your hands on your hips -- I read on a blog one time about a runner who always wants to put her hands on her hips when she's tired.  She said that to trick her brain into thinking she isn't tired, she never allows herself to put her hands on her hips while exercising.  Not long after that, I realized that I have the same problem and have since had a "no hands on hips" rule.  I have to say that it actually DOES work! =)

3.  Blog about exercising -- Again, it seems I am motivated by the shear fear of being humiliated.  Therefore, I know that if I actually blog about my exercising, then I will do it!  In fact, in order to make sure that  exercise tomorrow, I will go ahead and post that I plan on running on the treadmill after work tomorrow!  =)

Head over the Kit or MJ's blog and tell us about your favorite work out tips!

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