Monday, January 10, 2011

Top Two Tuesday!

Top Two Strange Addictions

1.  Double Checking my Oven -- When I go on a trip (it doesn't matter if I will be gone 2 days or 2 also doesn't matter if I used my oven last night or last week), I have to check every single eye on my stove and the inside of my oven to make sure everything is turned off...I know, I's ridiculous!  Keeps me sane, though.  =)

2.  Baths -- I take a bath every single day!  It's a little bit ridiculous!  When I stay in a hotel or am somewhere that doesn't have a bathtub, I really miss that relaxing time.  In fact, the first thing I did last night after getting home from Louisville was head to the bathtub!  =)

What are your strange addictions?  Come know you have them.  =)


Jenn said...

Hi, I am stopping by from 2 on Tuesday! There is nothing strange about an addiction to baths. My apartment doesn't have a tub, and I'm not sure why I chose to live here!

Jesslyn Amber said...

Hahaha! I double check everything in my apartment. My nightlights, oven, iron, hair dryer, curling iron, washer/dryer... it's crazy! But, like you said, it keeps me sane! :)

Paige said...

I check my oven too! Just stopping by from Taylor's link-up. Have a great week!