Sunday, November 28, 2010

"12 Days of Christmas" Blog Challenge -- Day 6: Gift Ideas

Because I have already mentioned my Christmas gift wishes on 2 different blog posts, I thought I would take this time to mention some of my bigger Christmas wishes:

1.  I wish that all of the people in Nashville whose homes were destroyed or damaged by the May floods would be back in a home of their own by Christmas.
2.  I wish that all of the children whose names are on the Angel Tree would get every gift they have asked for.
3.  I wish that I could wake up on January 1, 2011 and it really already be April 15, 2011.  =)
4.  I wish that Tennessee would get a bid for the Music City Bowl right here in Nashville, TN!!!!!
5.  I wish that I could get every thing on my "House To Do List" done before my Knoxville girlfriends come for a visit in early January.

If you aren't like me and haven't already told the world your Christmas List, head over to Analyze This or The Fuschia News and tell us your Wish List. 


Courtney said...

Such a great list! My family always get a couple of names off the angel tree every year! I am an Accounting major, so I also appreciate #3!

I am a new follower of your blog, I love it!

LivKit said...

Great list!