Friday, November 5, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday

1. My last haircut was about a month ago...I should have a cut and color every 6 weeks, but because it's sooooooo expensive, I usually just do every 10 weeks!

2. My most daring hair moment was when I decided to let it grow out several years ago...2 words...BAD IDEA!!!!!  I had just moved to Nashville (the humidity capital of the WORLD), and my hair wouldn't do a thing!

3. A hairstyle I'd never be brave enough to try is an up-do for a fancy event.  My face is long and thin...therefore, I don't think my hair looks good pulled back at all!

4. I've always dreamt of being a (blonde, brunette or red-head) I guess a blonde, since it's not my natural color.  My hair is brown, and I've colored it blonde for most of my adulthood...therefore, I guess it would be nice if it was natural.

5. My go-to hair do is a graduated bob, with side bangs, straightened with a flat iron...that's pretty much the ONLY way I can fix my own hair, as if you haven't figured that out by all my pics.  =)

6. My biggest hair disaster was please see Question #2!

7. A hairstyle I am dying to try a short, almost pixie haircut.  I keep thinking about taking the plunge, but chicken out almost every time. 

8. My best hair day was I think I'm still waiting on this day...  =)

9. The worst hairstyle I ever had was when I had a perm in the 4th grade...need i say more?

10. My hair is something I have a love/hate relationship with...however, I have finally learned to love it more than I hate it over the last 3-4 years.

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