Monday, November 8, 2010

Top Two Tuesday!

Top 2 things you're thankful for

So, today's Top 2 Tuesday will be a little bit of a cliche...however, I truly believe these are the people I am the most thankful for!  =)

1.  My family

This is the latest picture (and quite possibly, the ONLY picture) of my entire family.  I am thankful for each of them for different reasons, so I thought I would mention one reason that I am currently feeling thankful for each of them:
Daniel, my brother -- Because any time I have a sports-related question, I just call the walking football encylcopedia that he is and I have the answer in no time.  =)
Laura, my sister -- Because I know that even though she is super busy with grad school, she still managed to put together TONS of stuff (including the slideshow DVD) for our mom's birthday party.
Patrick, my beau -- Because he gave up what I assumed was going to be a day of constant football watching to run all over Nashville doing fun stuff with me yesterday!
My Dad -- Because he is helping me plant Day Lilies in my yard this weekend even though he'll only be in town a couple of days.
My Mom -- Because she guilted me into doing what it takes to FINALLY get in enough shape to walk a half marathon this weekend.
Carole, my aunt -- Because she practically remodeled the house I bought in Knoxville...then, when I decided to pack up and move to Nashville just a year later, she was right there helping me pack (yeah, it may not have been the most unselfish moment of my life)...also, she makes a mean cherry yum-yum.  =)
Kelley (my cousin), Tim (her husband), and Stephanie (her daughter) -- Because they (especially Kelley) did soooooooo much to help me get ready for my mom's birthday party.  It was such a great day and it definitely wouldn't have been possible without their help!
Rhonda, my other cousin -- Because even though she had just gotten back from the beach, she still managed to come to my mom's birthday party...and she even brought cookies!!!!!  =)
2.  My friends
Again, I am thankful for each of these people for different and many reasons, so here are a few of my favorite pics: 

Kathleen, friend from grad school
Andi, friend from my first job
Anna Catherine, friend from grad school
Jennifer and Zac, friends from Nashville
Alysia, friend from formerly working together and Kevana, friend through Alysia
Stacy, friend from the Junior Chamber
Chase, friend from the Junior Chamber
Stacy, friend from kickball
Lindy, friend from Nashville
Mickey, friend from kickball and Kat's fiance
Casey, friend from Junior Chamber
Adam, Alacia, and Baby Hannah, friends I met through Patrick
Amber and Clay, former co-worker with her and played kickball with both of them
Sandy, friend from work
Geez louise!  I hope I haven't forgotten anyone!  All of these people mean sooooooo much to me!  I am so lucky to be blessed with so many wonderful friends!

Okay, so I just realized that one of the pictures I tried to upload last night didn't make it for some reason...stupid Blogger picture issues!  Then, when I tried to upload it today from work, I couldn't get it to work...stupid work computer isses!  Therefore, I'll just tell you about them and then I'll try to upload the picture tonight from home.  Elaine is a friend of mine from an internship I did in college and Ken is her husband!  They are great friends, and we always have such a wonderful time hanging out!  If only they lived closer to Nashville.  =)


Kit said...

Family and Friends two of the most important things in the me at least :)

black tag diaries said...

great top 2 post... is that last pic from sips'n'strokes?? i LOVE SNS!!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

Love your picks!

Stephanie said...

Great picks!

Paige said...

Great list and I love all the pictures. Have a wonderful week!

Alysia said...

Hey Melissa,

So I haven't been on here in months....sorry, but thanks for the shout out. I'm thankful for you as well. Eventhough we may not talk everyday, when we do get together we pick up right where we left off and I truly believe you may be my sister from another mother :)

Muah :-p