Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Top Two Tuesday!

Top 2 Jobs I've Had

1.  My current job
Yes, I know it sounds very cliche, but I have wanted to be an Accountant since I was a little girl and realized that's what my dad does.  Well, that's when I first announced that I wanted to be an accountant.  I would say that I didn't decide for sure that is what I wanted to do until I took an Accounting class in high school and LOVED it!  No, my job isn't perfect, and sometimes I get frustrated like everyone.  However, I feel pretty fortunate to be doing what I always wanted to do!

2.  Graduate School Student

No, I didn't actually get PAID for this job, but the year that I was in grad school is the only time in my adult life that I didn't have to get a PAYING job and was able to just focus on school.  That was definitely my most fun year of college for that reason alone.  Therefore, I would have to say that this was definitely my 2nd favorite "job" of all time!  =)

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Kit said...

One of my jobs was being a student too :)

Caroline said...

That's awesome that you wanted to be like your dad. I work with my dad and I love it!

black tag diaries said...

these were my exact 2 picks too! accountants really are the coolest:)

Amber said...

We sound very similar! I'm an accountant and headed into grad school - although I will be working fulltime while in grad school, so something tells me it won't be nearly as fun for me as it was for you! :)