Thursday, November 18, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

Well, first-of-all, I apologize for my absenteeism for the last few days.  I swear it seems as though it's so hard to actually sit down and relax these days.  Every night this week has been so busy and I haven't had any time for blogging.  =(  I'm back though, so be prepared for several posts in the next few days.  I know, I know, I still need to blog about my half marathon...bear with me...I'll definitely get to it this weekend.

1.  Has anyone in Nashville seen the people standing on the corner selling one of these?
Well, I have to admit that even though I'm not proud, I have been guilty of thinking to myself, "What in the world are these people doing with signs that say, 'Homeless Paper?'"  The other night when I was at Bunco, I actually asked someone about it.  After the girl explained it to me, I must say that I think the Homeless Paper is a GREAT program.  Apparently, in order to sell this newspaper, the vendors must attend a 4 hour class to learn how.  Also, this person must buy his/her "inventory" for .25 cents each and then he/she is allowed to sell the paper for $1.00.  Finally, the homeless person may receive his/her first few papers free to help them get started.  I think there is nothing better than a program that gives people an opportunity to make their own way.  This weekend as I was leaving Target I saw someone selling the paper, and decided to purchase my first copy.  It is a really neat paper and has lots of articles from people who are either homeless or formerly homeless!  I recommend that anyone who is out and about in Nashville buy a copy of this paper.  I think that you will be pleasantly surprised by what you read!

2.  I am super excited because late last week, I received my swap buddy for...

I was so excited to see who I would be shopping for and who would be shopping for me!  After we chatted yesterday, I think we both have a great idea of what the other likes, and I can't wait to head out next weekend and start shopping!  Oh, and I guess I should tell you about my swap partner.  Her name is Anna and she is a photographer (what a great job, right?).  Go check out her blog when you get some time!  Her photography is amazing!

3.  On Tuesday night, my beau and I had a little date night to see this show:
It was opening night in Nashville, and my friend Reca was able to get us discounted tickets.  The show was amazing!  I honestly didn't know what to expect, and I will have to say that there were areas when it was a little slow.  However, the parts that were good were REALLY good!  My favorite part was at the end when the "Blue Men" threw six GIGANTIC beach balls out into the audience.  That was truly a sureal moment!  Here are a couple of pictures from the night:

Me with my "date" for the evening!  =)

Looks like Reca and I are showing our tonsils.  =)  Either that or just being silly! 

Aimee, Reca, and Me sooooo excited for the show to begin!
4.  I think I mentioned in a previous post that Patrick's sister is in town right now.  Tonight I cooked them both dinner and THEN we played board games.  Those who don't know me don't quite understand my love for board games...and we didn't just play any old board game...we played Sorry and Yahtzee!!!!  My FAVORITES!!!!!  What a fun night!  Oh, and I also made a red velvet cake...also my favorite.  =)
5.  This has been the longest week ever!!!!!  I am taking next week off work and I think this had led to me wondering if I will EVER see Friday at 5:00...however, I am 8 short work hours away from this moment and I CANNOT wait!!!!!

Well, guys, I'm outta here for the night!  I have to get up EARLY in the morning for my 5K training run.  I'm really enjoying the training even though I just started...just hoping I'm able to run 3.1 miles by January 1, 2011!!!!!


Morgan said...

You can totally run 3.1 miles by January! Especially if you've been walking.

I love red velvet cake. Also, apparently Target has red velvet hot chocolate. I'm going to get some this evening to try out!

Mrs. Werginz said...

I love everything about this post!!
1. When visiting my friend who lives in Nville we bought a paper and were impressed too!
2. I want to see Blue Man GRoup bad!
3. My husband and I love board games! Have you played Cranium? Pictionary Man is really fun too because you draw on a plastic body!

Have a great weekend!

Anna Wu said...

Yay swap! And I LOVE red velvet! mmmm just made some cupcakes yesterday, and I they're already all gone. =)