Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"12 Days of Christmas" Blog Challenge -- Day 3: Meaningful/Memorable Gift(s)

Meaningful/Memorable Gift(s)

Today's Christmas Blog Challenge is all about the best gifts I have received.  Surprisingly enough, most of my most meaningful gifts aren't Christmas gifts.  I have received some fabulous Christmas gifts, but these are definitely the most meaningful gifts I have received (in no particular order):

1.  I have mentioned before in my blog how much I love Charleston, SC.  Well, one year while we were there, my mom agreed to Cross-stich a scene in Charleston that is my favorite -- Rainbow Row.  It took her over a year to finish and she even had it professionally framed when she was done.  I LOVE it!  Here is a pic:
2.  Not long after Patrick and I started dating, he went on a trip to Australia and was gone for 3 weeks.  Not having dated very long, I figured he would bring me a gift, but I didn't really think anything of it.  Well, when he got back, he gave me the prettiest Opal that I've ever seen.  I have never seen an Opal this dark before, but apparently, these are normal in Australia.  I wear it all the time because it looks great with black, and black is one of my favorite colors!  Again, here is a pic:
I couldn't get a very good pic, but you get the idea.
  3.  All my life, my grandmother had a cedar chest in her house.  There is nothing fancy about this cedar chest, but it's always been special to me because it reminds me of her and brings back so many memories of spending time with her as a child.  When she passed away back in 2002, my mom and uncle told me I could have the cedar chest.  I still have it displayed in my house, and probably will for a very long time.  I hope to refinish it one day, and think that it will be even more beautiful then.
4.  I don't have any pictures of this gift because it's not just 1's many.  Ever since Patrick and I started dating, he has always randomly surprised me with small little gifts here and there.  I've gotten CDs, water bottles, African violets, bouquets of flowers, and even a little MP3 player, in addition to many that I can't remember right now.  No, these aren't necessarily expensive gifts, but they mean a lot because they let me know that he is thinking of me!  Thanks babe!  =)

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Amber said...

I love sentimental thoughtful gifts! They are always the best. :)

Caroline said...

Beautiful gifts! Happy Thanksgiving!

Kit said...

Great gifts to love! I love the picture of Rainbow Row!

Have a great Thanksgiving!