Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Update!

What a wonderful weekend!  Okay, so I say that every weekend, but I think I just REALLY enjoy the those 2 days between Friday and Monday more than any others.  =)  In fact, if EVERY weekend could be like this one, I would be one happy camper. 

On Thursday night, Patrick's sister, Kristine flew into Nashville from California to visit for a few weeks.  This is the first time I have met her, so I was really looking forward to meeting her on Friday night.  She's a very nice girl, and it was great to finally meet someone that Patrick has talked so much about.  We had a lot of fun this weekend and I'm sure we'll get to do a lot of fun things in the next couple of weeks! 

Because one of Patrick's favorite TV shows is Man vs. Food, we headed out to a local bookstore on Friday night for a book signing with Adam Richman.  It was really neat to see him speak about both the book and his love of Nashville.  He went on and on about what a great city/state we are for handling the flood the way that we did, and of course he had a few jokes to throw into the mix.  After speaking, everyone was able to get a book signed by him.  Because Patrick is a MUCH bigger fan than I am, I decided to take pictures while he got to meet the man himself.  Here are a few pics:

Patrick was pretty happy that I was able to take a picture of the "hand shake"  =)

After the book signing, we headed to a local Italian restaurant called Mama Mia's.  It was delicious and just what I needed to prepare for the next morning.  If you haven't been here, you should definitely check it out if you live in the Nashville area.  After dinner, Patrick and Kristine decided to head out for the night, but I went home so I could go to bed early BECAUSE...Saturday morning was my HALF MARATHON!!!!!  (Post on that to come later in the week.)

After the half marathon, we headed back to my place for a quick lunch and a little relaxation.  Next stop, Christmas Village:
As soon as I found out this event was going to be the same weekend that my mom would be in town, I decided that we HAD to find a way to go.  Unfortunately, the only time that we had available was on Saturday afternoon.  Therefore, we ignored the fact that we were in a lot of pain and could barely walk, and headed out to the place that every woman in Nashville was at some point this weekend.  =)  I was able to get a few fun items.  Here are some pics of my treasures:
Zebra print Picnic Basket with my Monogram
Yes, this is definitely monogrammed anti-bacterial gel.  =)  Too cute!

You gotta love all the jellies, jams, and soups you find at these events!

And last but not least, my favorite!  A King is Born Christmas Ornament.
After Christmas Village we were pretty tired, but we still decided to run to the mall to check out a few things.  After that, we finally headed home to eat and rest. 

I'm sure you are thinking "surely she went straight to bed and didn't get up until morning"...well, guess again.  See, my friend, Lindy's cousin, Amber was in town this weekend, so I decided to drag myself out to the bar to say a quick "hello" to her!  Here's a quick picture (sorry it's blurry...still trying to learn how to use the new camera).
Patrick, Kristine, Amber, Me, and Lindy at Cantina Loredo
Even though I stayed out about 2 hours later than I had intended, it was still great to catch up with everyone!  I just love Amber and wish she was able to visit more often.  =)

Sunday was an afternoon filled with church and lunch with the fam and lots of relaxing.  Last night, I headed to Zanie's Comedy Club with this group of people:
Dave, Kristine, Patrick, Me, and Chase
I was a little disappointed in the entertainment last night at Zanies, but it's always so much fun to go there that it really doesn't matter who the act is.  We had a great time!

Well, that's MOST of my I said earlier, I have a couple of posts I'm going to do later on in the week, but for now, I'm heading to bed!  Must get up early in the morning to begin training to run in my first 5K...but more on that later, too.  =)  Have a great night!


Christina said...

I love the ornament! Looks like a fun weekend :)

Mrs. Werginz said...

I love that y'all met fun! I love your Christmas ornament too!