Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So Long 2012…

Well, as you have probably already noticed, I haven’t been the best little blogger in the world these days.  I have told several people this, but I kept telling myself that after the wedding my life would slow wayyyyy down and I would have much more time for my hobbies.  Alas, this didn’t happen and here we are, on January 1, 2013 and this is my first blog post since mid-November.  However, I plan to remedy this in the new year (I know, I know…you’ve heard it all before).  I really mean it this time and plan on explaining more at a later date. 

For now, let’s take a look back at all things 2012, which will go down in history as my best year to date! 

January – What a great way to start 2012!  It was complete with a Staycation with my beau, hosting a baby shower for one of my BFFs, and posing for some of the MANY pics we had made this year when we had our engagement pictures made.



February – Not only did this month mark the beginning of tax season, we also celebrated Sweet Zoey’s first birthday, enjoyed a nice Valentine’s dinner prepared with love by MY Valentine, and attended the Nashville Junior Chamber’s Bayou Bash.



March – Well, because of the fact that I literally worked and slept through most of March, there aren’t many fun pictures to share.  However, not only did we celebrate another year of birth for Patrick, but he also treked out to Vegas with some of his best guy friends for the Bachelor Party to end all Bachelor Parties.


April – Ah, April…one of my favorite months…I’m sure you all have figured it out by now, that this is the month that my life is back to normal and I get to do fun things again…like take pictures.  I also spent most of April wrapping up my training for the Country Music Half, which was very hot, but just as much fun as I remembered from the year before.


May – Not only did we celebrate my 32nd (YIKES) Birthday during May, but we also met Baby Kennedy, saw my sister graduate with her master’s degree, attended my Knoxville Wedding Shower, and took Zoey to the Natchez Trace on Memorial Day.DSCN4466


June – Wow!  Things REALLY started gearing up for the wedding in June.  We had my Work Shower, my Nashville Shower, and my Bachelorette Party.  In addition to wedding festivities, we also met Baby Braden and attended Anna Lea and Wes’ beautiful wedding!



July – WEDDING month!  And let me say, it was absolutely consumed with all things wedding and honeymoon!  Not only did I marry my best friend on July 14, but we also went on an ah-mazing honeymoon to London, Paris, and Amsterdam.  It couldn’t have been more perfect!




August – After getting back from Europe, it was time for me to get busy with work and also for us to move in together.  I wish I could say I was all moved in to Patrick’s house in just a few weeks, but to just be perfectly honest, it’s January and I’m still not fully moved in…hopefully, I will be one day, but I’m also considering just putting everything that not her, yet, in storage…I mean, let’s face it…if I haven’t used it in the last 6 months, I don’t think I’ll need it until we have a bigger house, no?  Anyway, back on subject, in addition to our co-habitating experiences, we also spent much of August going to the Tomato Festival and having our “After Session” photos made with Sweet Zoey.  Oh, and we also received a congratulatory letter from The President and First Lady on our recent nuptials. 



September – This month was full of cheering on the Vols (to much avail), attending both the Dog Days Festival and a Titans game or 2, and also taking Zoey to her first “Puppy Shower.”



October – This month was full of Vandy games, Halloween costumes, and going to see one of our sweet flower girls in Sleeping Beauty.



November – In addition to the normal Thanksgiving visit with my family, this month was also full of a trip to FL with 2 of my besties to run in a half marathon, and we also managed to move my furniture out of my condo and into Patrick’s house.

Photo1 (11)


December – This month was most definitely full of Christmas Joy.  We celebrated Christmas with my family, we traveled to Florida to celebrate with Patrick’s mom, and we rounded out the new year with a night’s stay at Opryland.  Oh, and I got the flu…yes, the flu.  =(  At least I got it before tax season and not right in the middle of it, right?  Always looking for the silver lining.  =) 





It was truly a wonderful year, and I can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store.  I have a feeling it’s going to start out well as my beau and I leave tomorrow to head to Mexico for a quick trip to relax and enjoy our last little bit of the holidays!  I’ll be back next week friends!  Happy New Year!

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emily said...

Looks like a fun and busy year!

I LOVE your wedding gown! Sooo pretty!