Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It’s a Pleasure, Mr. and Mrs. Sun!

Ah, Mexico…what a wonderful place to visit, and oh, my how I didn’t want to come back, especially since it meant my vacation was over and it was back to work for this girl!  In short we had a wonderful time!  We did a lot of relaxing, a lot of reading, a little swimming, quite a bit of sunbathing, some pretty good eating, and even a little bit of drinking…

For those interested, we visited the Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun resort in Cancun, Mexico and it was heavenly.  I had heard wonderful things about this resort, both from friends who have been there and also from the Trip Advisor reviews, but I really didn’t think it was possible for a place to be THAT great.  Well, I was wrong!  As soon as we arrived, we were greeted with a glass of champagne and a cold towel.  Once we entered our room, we were given a “tour” by our concierge, Cesar, who constantly referred to us as Mr. and Mrs. Sun the entire trip…nevermind the fact that he couldn’t have possibly been much younger than us…it was still very nice!  What was also nice is that when one of us said “Thank You” or “Gracias” when someone on the staff did something to help us out, they ALWAYS responded with “It’s a Pleasure.”  Every. Single. Time.  So cool!

Everything was great!  The food was good, the beach and pool area were beautiful, and the grounds couldn’t have been cleaner.  It was just an amazing trip!  We didn’t really do anything too exciting.  We did go into Playa del Carmen one night to walk around, but other than that, it was mainly a trip of relaxation and being pampered!  Here are some of my favorite pics of the trip!

This first group are just pics of the property.  The first pic is of the pool with the beach in the background, then comes the pic of the pool at night, then is the view from our room, and finally the beach.


The Christmas decorations were still up in the hotel and in Playa del Carmen.  I think it’s so fun to see different climates and how they decorate for Christmas!


Now for all of the pics of my beau and me.  The only 2 of note is the one with our chef at the Japanese Restaurant on the resort and also our recreation of the Corona commercial…


One final thing to note…there were SEVERAL wild animals on our resort.  They scared the crap out of me at first, but I quickly adjusted…oh, who am I kidding…I was terrified of them the entire time…My hubs took all of these pictures and I just kept walking every time we saw one of these creatures.  Ha!


Happy Tuesday everyone!  Let’s make it a great day!


Justin and Marcie said...

This place looks AMAZING!!!! Not what I wanted to see right at the beginning of busy season :(

AMW said...

AWESOME pics!! I can't believe those animals, ha!