Thursday, January 24, 2013

A to Z of Me!

So, it’s possible that I stole this idea from someone else…thank you West Sac Honey!  I love stuff like this though, so I thought I would give it a shot…

age – 32…UGH!  Getting so old!

bed size – King!  One of my favorite parts of my bedroom furniture I bought a few years ago is the size of the bed!

chore you hate – Ironing…In fact, I hate it sooooo bad that I haven’t done it in months…seriously, MONTHS!

dogs – Only the sweetest dog, Sweet Zoey!

essential start to your day – Coffee!

favorite color – Black is my favorite color to wear…

gold or silver - Silver…although gold is growing on me these days!

height - 5 feet 7 inches

instruments you play – My musical talent is virtually non-existent!

job title – Tax Manager

kids – Not, yet, but one day!

live – with my hubs and Zoey!

married – Yep, as of July 14, 2012

nicknames – Never been much of a nickname type, but my beau calls me Melrose!

overnight hospital stays – Only as a baby…I had a really bad stomach virus that lead to severe dehydration.

pet peeve – Too many to count, but my most recent one is when people misuse “I” and “me.”  

righty or lefty – I’m a righty all the way!

siblings - Brother – Daniel, Sister – Laura

time you wake up – I SHOULD wake up at 6:15, but it’s usually between 6:45-7:00

university attended – The University of Tennessee, Knoxville – GO VOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vegetables you dislike – Cauliflower...that’s pretty much the only one!

what makes you run late – Everything!  I am seriously never on time!  I think the main thing is that I underestimate how long my routine takes.

x-rays you’ve had – Just my ankles!  I have sprained/fractured them both many, many times…I blame it on my tumbling days!

yummy food – Mexican!  I seriously love all different types of food, but Mexican is definitely my fav!

zoo animal favorite - The giraffe!


emily said...

I'm never on time either. Probably should work on it, but hey why start now!! ha!

and I try my hardest to use "I" or "me" properly. It does drive me batty too!

I'm totally stealing this, btw!

Gabriella said...

Hi, new follower. What a fun post, Mexican food is my favorite too!