Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weekend Updates!

Yes, once again, I am doing 2 weekend updates in one...I guess you just get more for your money...wait a minute...this blog is free...anyway, whatever.

Last Friday started the weekend off with a trip to see Wicked with several of my work girlfriends! We grabbed dinner at Sambuca beforehand and then headed over to see the show.
All the girls at TPAC!
It was a great show...not quite as good as I expected, but definitely worth the money!

Saturday morning was pretty low-key.  The most exciting aspect was when I made my first ever fried egg with a PERFECT yoke!
Look at that...doesn't it look amazing?  It tasted good, too!
After relaxing most of the day, it was time to head to the Nashville Junior Chamber's Cigars Under the Stars.  We put on this event every year, and it's always a great time!  I'm not a Cigar person, but it was still great to pretend for an evening.  =)
Some of the pretty table decorations!

The "stars" made the room so pretty!

Me with one of my favorite NJC members, Laura!

Then me with my favorite guy!

Everyone showing off the reason we were there!
On Sunday, Patrick and I had planned on just relaxing all day...instead, Chase ended up asking us to come to the Titans game with him, so I hurried to run my 7 miles, and we headed down to LP Field!  The game was really fun, but unfortunately, the guys didn't come away with a win.  =(

This past weekend was sooooo much fun!  My sweet, sweet mama came to town and we went to do what she and I have been looking forward to since the day after Patrick proposed...wedding dress shopping!  We spent the entire day on Friday hitting up every dress shop we could think of!  I still haven't decided on THE ONE, but we have narrowed it down to 2-3 dresses.  I'm planning on heading back to try all the dresses on by myself in the coming days and will make my final decision before the end of November.  
No, of course, I'm not showing the pic of the "contenders" (I mean, my beau DOES occasionally read this blog), but here is a pic of my mom and I with Olia (one of the store owners we met with...and LOVED)!
On Saturday, we were about burnt out with wedding dress shopping and both needed a break...SOOOOO, we decided to go regular clothes shopping instead...I know, I know...it's a problem we have.  

After spending a wonderful weekend with one of my favorite people, it was time for my mama to head back home...that evening I got a few other things done, then I headed to dinner with my OTHER favorite person, my beau!  He and I both decided that a quiet night in was exactly what we needed, and it was so nice to relax with him and Zoey on a Saturday night.

Sunday came with another round of busy-ness as Patrick and I headed out to take one last look at all of the "contenders" of wedding reception venues.  It looks like we have most likely made a decision and hopefully, we will even have a date set by the end of the week!  WOOHOO!  So happy to have that marked off my list!

Sunday evening was spent traveling for work and getting ready for my next few days of training...BOO!  At least I will be back home with my beau and my doggy by the middle of the week.  Here's to everyone having an excellent Tuesday!

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Caroline said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I loved Wicked! :)