Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Weekend Update Jamaican Style!

So, I know, I know...I really need to work on my blogging timing...I really want to start doing better!  Let me catch you up with my last weekend update from 2 weekends ago.

I like to pretend my weekend starts the minute I am off work, so I guess last weekend really began on Thursday.  I started the day by running 5 miles and then driving my sweet doggy to meet her Grandmother who was keeping her while her Daddy and I were living it up in Jamaica 'Mon.  Next up was time for a mani/pedi with Alysia!  I loved being able to catch up with her!

Early on Friday morning, I headed to the airport with my sweet beau and we were on our way to the islands.  The first day of our trip was pretty relaxed...after getting settled in at our resort, we just wondered around, figured out where everything was and had dinner.
Hanging out in the airport waiting on our shuttle.

Bob Marley was a pretty big deal over there...as I'm sure you can imagine!

Us testing out the view from our balcony.

Pre-Dinner Shot!
On Saturday morning, we were up early and headed to the gym to work out...yep, that's right, Patrick and Melissa worked out of vacation!  I know, shocking!  It's amazing what an upcoming wedding will do to your will power.  =)  Next up was breakfast, and relaxing by the beach.  We decided to head into town after a couple of hours and check out what there was to see in downtown Montego Bay.  Unfortunately, we hadn't been wandering the streets for 10 minutes when the skies opened up!  After hoovering under the smallest awning ever for approximately a half hour, we decided to head into a store and purchase an umbrella!

To hide from the rain, we also decided to step into the Jamaican Bobsled Cafe and have a drink!
This cafe was started to help support the Bobsled Team (i.e. the guys from the movie Cool Runnings)

Us enjoying a drink...and looking like drowned rats!

They even let you have your picture made in the Bobsled...of course we couldn't pass that up!
Possibly my favorite pic of the whole trip!
After returning back to the resort, we were both pretty tired, so we decided to take it easy that evening.  The next morning though, we were up and at it early so that we could get a good spot at the pool.  I was VERY optimistic for a beautiful day at the pool/beach/resort.  I even took a few pics of the resort to show what a beautiful day it was bound to be:
A view of the pool from the lobby! 
Our view of breakfast every morning!

One of the 3 beaches on the resort!
At this point, I have good news and bad news...the bad news is that it started raining less than 2 hours after we headed out in the sun, and it didn't stop all day long!  The good news is that it was Sunday...so that meant there was football on...You can guess the way we spent the rest of our day...I have to say that with all this rain, this trip was definitely a lesson in relaxation for both Patrick and me...neither of us do that well...

After sitting around in the rain all day, we decided to head to one of the nice restaurants on the resort for dinner that night...it was yummy!

Monday morning was definitely the highlight of the entire trip.  We made the hour and a half trek to Ocho Rios to Dunns River Falls.  It was absolutely amazing...and we got to climb the 95 feet falls!  It was so much fun!  Unfortunately, we weren't able to bring a camera because we were afraid it would have gotten wet, but we did buy one of the pics that were taken of us while climbing the falls.  
The trip was fun despite the bad weather (it definitely rained most of every day we were there), but I think we were both ready to get back to TN to see Sweet Zoey.  After getting off the plane that night, I made the 3 hour drive to Knoxville to pick up my doggy!  I also got to spend the entire day on Wednesday with my Mama because it was her birthday!  Which reminds me...I never did a HAPPY BIRTHDAY post for her!  Sorry Mama!  You know I love you!  Anyway, we had a great day, and then it was time to head back to Nashville and get ready to return to work.  =(

Stay tuned for this past weekend's update!

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