Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Plenty to be THANKful For - Thanksgiving Traditions

Manic Mother

Traditions are a pretty big deal in my family!  We always eat the same (delicious) meal for Thanksgiving dinner and then we ALWAYS go see a movie together as a family!  When I say always, I really mean it...some years have been better than others...like the year we went to see The Blind Side.  Everyone wanted to see that and absolutely LOVED it...some years though, don't work out quite as well...like last year when there was nothing to see so we all settled on seeing Due Date...you know, the completely vulgar movie that makes you freak out in a "I can't believe I am watching this movie with my parents 2 seats away" kind of way.

No matter what we go see though, we always have a great time!  We very rarely get to spend 3 hours with all of us in the same room, and therefore, this tradition makes Thanksgiving a happy day!

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Caroline said...

We usually do a movie too, but there's nothing I really want to see. Maybe Jack and Jill??