Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Plenty to be THANKful For - Special People in my Life

Manic Mother

Well, I have already told everyone about the special people in my life in this post, so I will try to keep it short here, but I still wanted to say a little something special about each of these wonderful people:

Patrick, my fiance -- This guy is always there to make me laugh and to be my rock and my best friend.  He also does a wonderful job raising our little fur child, which I find extremely encouraging for when we have real children!

Zoey, my doggy -- This little girl only came into our lives a few months ago, but she is the sweetest gift I think Patrick or I could have asked for at this point in our lives...and she loves to cuddle, and her mama loves that! =)

My Mama -- I'm sure you've all figured out by now (if you read my blog at all) that my mother can only be described in one word...wonderful!

My Daddy -- No matter what the situation, or how busy my dad is, I can always count on him to drop anything to work on a project for me!  He puts his mind to something and no matter what, it WILL get done!

My Sister -- Laura is definitely the best MOH ever!  She has already started planning my bachelorette party, she is always there to offer any suggestions with wedding plans, and she even sent me a "wedding cake" Pandora charm after we got engaged!  Yep, she's pretty awesome!

My Brother -- Daniel has always been the sweet big brother who is always there to offer a hug or a kind word.  He is very soft spoken, but is always extremely sweet and caring.

Of course, there are also many friends who could be added to this list!  Hope all of you have many special people who love you very much, like I do!

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Courtney said...

this was my favorite topic :)
and i love your post - so sweet! your puppy!
Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for linking up!