Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend Update!

Do you ever have one of those weekends that you wish just wouldn't end?  Well, let's face, I wish every weekend wouldn't end.  However, this one was particularly wonderful!  It all started on Thursday night after my Continuing Professional Education (CPE) class in Pigeon Forge ended.  I headed to Knoxville to stay the night with Elaine and Ken who are pictured here:
Elaine and I used to work together when I did an internship in college and she and her husband, Ken, have been WONDERFUL friends to me!  We always have so much fun together, and they are always so nice to help me out when necessary!  On this particular night, Ken's boss had a fundraising BBQ and wine tasting dinner at his house, and they asked if I would like to tag along.  It was an amazing event with 5 courses of food AND wine at the biggest house I've been to in Knoxville.  I have to go ahead and apologize in advance for my lack of pictures this weekend.  Apparently, I REALLY need to work on my picture taking because it has really lacked lately...Regardless of my lack of pictures, it was a super fun evening.  Thanks Elaine and Ken for letting me crash your party AND your spare bedroom.  =) 
After sleeping in a little bit on Friday, I headed to Soccer Taco (a Knoxville fav of mine) for some good Mexican food with the girls I used to work with when I lived there.  It was GREAT to see all of them!  So much has changed in all of our lives in the last 4 and a half years, but everyone looks great, and we had a great time hanging out and catching up!

After lunch I headed to Victor Ashe Park for my long walk of the week.  For those of you who live in Knoxville (or visit there frequently), you should definitely check this park out!  I had to walk 6 miles, and even though that takes awhile, the park is so beautiful that it went by very quickly!  Definitely head out there!

That evening my beau headed to Knoxville to meet up with me.  It was so good to see him, especially since we both had pretty busy/stressful ends to our weeks last week.  We spent the evening hanging out with these two and a couple of their other friends.  Thanks Andi and Rob for opening your home to us and letting us spend the night. 
Saturday morning was another day of sleeping late, and boy did I need it!  I was soooooooo freakin' tired, and it felt so good to get some needed R&R.  We got all packed up and dressed in our orange (except Rob who was our lone Alabama fan) and headed to meet up with some other friends for a day full of tailgating.  Here are a few pics of the day:

My Beau and Me!!!!  =)
Andi, Melissa, me and Ginger getting the tailgating started!
Another pic of Patrick and Me
Us with Rob and Andi
Group Tailgating Shot (notice the mixture of Vols and Bama fans -- we CAN comingle!)
Kat and Mickey came to our tailgate!!!!!  Look how similar mine and Kat's outfits were.  Love it!!!!!  I also love that I was standing up-hill from Kat, so for once it looks like I'm taller than her.  =)
Patrick enjoying his drink of choice...
...and me enjoying mine (recipe for the Pudding Shots pictured here coming in a later post).
It was a great tailgate despite the fact that it felt like a HOT summer day...instead of a nice blustery fall day...after that, it was time to head to the game...once again, my Vols let me down.  However, I, for one, still have to say that I was so proud of them.  No, we didn't play well AT ALL in the second half, and no, we haven't managed to pull out an SEC win all season, but I still love them, and I don't think there was a person in the stadium who thought we would only be down by 3 at half-time.  Also, let's face it, we were playing the #8 team in the country...It would have been a miracle if we won that game.  Even though we didn't even come close to winning, I still got a good shot of kickoff from our seats.

Sunday, after my mom made us a yummy breakfast of biscuits, gravy, bacon, and eggs, it was time to head to church.  Then, it was time for Patrick and me to make a mad dash all over the city of Knoxville putting on the final touches for my Mom's Surprise 60th Birthday Party.  At precisely 2:30, she arrived and this was how surprised she was.

Her birthday isn't actually until Tuesday, but since my sister, Laura and I both live out of town, we decided that having it the Sunday before was the best time.  She seemed to have a wonderful time, and got a chance to see "all of her favorite people."  Yes, these were her exact words.  =)  It was so great to see someone so happy who has spent her entire life making her children happy.  I'm glad she had a great birthday.  I'm sure I speak for my entire family (Dad, Brother and Sister) when I send a special thanks to EVERYONE who helped us pull off this day!  Here are a few pics:
Her Birthday Cake
All of my mom's church friends who also turned 60 this year.  BTW, my mom is the one on the left side...doesn't she look great for 60??????  Sure do hope I look that good at her age!
My mom with everyone in her Sunday School Class
And a nice family shot to finish the day!  (L to R:  Daniel - my brother; Laura - my sister; Patrick; Me; my Dad; my Mom - aka the Birthday Girl; Carole - my aunt; Stephanie - my 2nd cousin; Tim - my cousin's husband; Kelley - my cousin; Rhonda - my other cousin)
Happy Birthday Mama!  I am the luckiest girl to have a wonderful mom like you; not only are you a wonderful mother, but also a wonderful best friend!  I love you very much!

Well, kids, that's it from me...I am exhausted!  All this havin' fun can really take a toll on you.  Hope you all have a great week, and I'll see you soon in the blog world!

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