Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

On this short week, I am linking up with Jamie.  This Wednesday, I am loving:

1.  The fact that I thought it was Monday all day yesterday!  I am hoping I do get back on track at some point this week, but I think it's really awesome that we only have a 4 day work week!
2.  That The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills started a new season this week! I am super sad for Taylor and everything she is going through right now, but I love these women...or at least love hating them.  =)
3.  Dinner Club!  There is a group of ladies in Nashville that I met through my friend, Stacy!  We started going to dinner once a month about a year ago, and we have the best time!  Last night we decided to kick off Nashville's Restaurant Week by heading out to Watermark.  It was amazing!  We definitely missed you Stacy and still wish you lived in Nash-Vegas, but hope you're proud that we are keeping the tradition going!  =)
4.  That Caroline Kennedy has a new book coming out on September 14!  It's about interviews that her mother did right after JFK passed away.  Apparently, Jackie O. wanted the interviews to be sealed away for 50 years, and now Caroline has decided to come forth with them.  I am completely infatuated with the Kennedy's and I can't wait to read this book!
5.  And, as always...these 2:

I hope all of you have Wednesdays full of things you are loving, too!


Ashley said...

Wow, I had no idea about the new Kennedy book! I'm excited and obsessed too :)

Kit said...

Great things you are loving today :)

stacymc88 said...

Yay for Dinner Club!! I'm so sad I missed it. and I love Watermark! Tell the group I'm meeting up with Holly tomorrow though. We're keeping up the tradition here in Atlanta.