Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weekend Update!

Hello to my lovely readers!  I hope you had as fantastic a weekend as I did!

Friday night, my beau and I packed up the car, ran by doggie daycare to pick up Zoey, and headed out on our way to Knoxville!  Despite our constant battles with car sickness, Sweet Zoey did great on her first road trip.  Not sure if it was the fact that she was exhausted from playing with all the other doggies all day or the fact that we slipped her some Benadryl into a Mickey D's ice cream cone, but she slept most of the way and handled it perfectly.  Patrick MAY have been "Driving Mrs. Daisy" most of the way because I had to sit with her in the back seat, but whatever it takes, right?  =)
She looks THRILLED to be having her picture taken, doesn't she?

Hiding her eyes...she just couldn't watch!  =)
On Saturday, my mom and I were up early and headed over to the high school track for me to run a couple of miles and her to walk.  Next the entire family (well, minus my sister...we missed you, Laura) headed out to lunch at this really yummy diner called Scott's, where Patrick ordered the biggest burger they have:  The Big LC Burger!  It was 1 pound of ground beef!  OMG!

After running a few errands and sleeping off the big lunch, Patrick and I headed out to Blount County for our friend, Zach's 30th Birthday Celebration.  It was supposed to be a lake party, with the boats out and everything.  Well, Mother Nature had other plans for us, so instead we watched the football game (Go Vols!), played a little cornhole, and ate lots of BBQ.  It was a great time and I think Zach really enjoyed his B-Day!

Sunday was church with the fam, a lunch cookout at my parent's house, a little swimming, a little cornhole, a little homemade ice cream, and a little relaxation.  We even got Zoey in the pool to see if she'd like it.  She did great, but was a little scared...I have a feeling that if we took her swimming all the time, she'd be a waterlog!
Relaxing after a yummy lunch!

Patrick wants Zoey to jump...just joking!
Here's a video showing off Zoey's swimming skills!  (Please excuse all the talking in the background...we were having technical difficulties.)

She'll definitely be heading back to the grandparents soon!  At the end of the day, this is the way I found her:
She was one pooped little doggie!
After a short visit with Rob and Andi, we were on our way back to Nashville!  This morning I was up BRIGHT and EARLY to run in the Franklin Classic 5K...I almost got back in bed after taking one look at all the rain outside, but I decided that if I paid to do the race, then I needed to suck it up...therefore, I got in the car and drove through the rainy, rainy weather and ran in another 5K.  I did okay in this one...37:07, but I'm hoping that my time will improve even more now that I'm actually running more than 1-2 times per week again.  I'm also glad I did it because amazingly the rain slowed down A LOT right before the race started!

The rest of the day, Patrick and I took full advantage of the rainy day by relaxing, napping and watching movies.  In the mid afternoon, we decided to head out and see a movie, and guess what my beau took me to see:  The Help!  I was soooooooo excited, and of course, I loved it!  

Now, I'm just relaxing in bed and trying not to dread this week too much!  Work is going to be CRAZY, with the September 15 deadline coming up!  Hope all of you have wonderful weeks!

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