Monday, September 19, 2011

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge - Day 1

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

Since it seems as though I haven't blogged in AGES, I decided to kick start the ole blog by linking up with Neely and Amber and their Fall Blog Challenge.  Day 1 is all about Fall Traditions.  Here are a few of mine:

UT Football Games -- Every year in the fall, I always love to go to a Tennessee Football game.  There is something about the atmosphere that just screams fall to me.  I mean, really...what is there not to love about all this orange?
Arrington Vineyards -- This beautiful vineyard is about 30 minutes outside of Nashville, and tons of fun every year.  A group of our friends always take a picnic, some wine, and stuff to make smores and just enjoy a beautiful fall evening!  Here are a couple of pics from last year:
Me with my Beau at the Entrance! 
The Whole Group at Alysia's Birthday!
Titans Football Games -- Just like I always like to go see a Vols game every year, I also like to attend at least one Titans game.  These games are also tons of fun, but a completely different atmosphere than college games.  Definitely one of my favorite Sunday activities!

Fantasy Football -- Yes, I thought I might as well keep up with the football theme!  A few years ago, I decided to start an All Girls Fantasy Football League so that I could follow along with Patrick as he watched all the games.  Well, it has quickly become a bit of an obsession...for example, right now I am keeping my eye on the Monday night game to see if I stand a chance at winning this week's matchup!  You should definitely check it out if you like football AT ALL!

And, finally, my favorite...Fall Trips -- If you haven't noticed, yet, my beau and I love to travel together.  We always like to take a small trip every fall and this year is no different!  In late October, we are heading to beautiful Jamaica!  I can't wait to just lay by the pool for a few days and enjoy some warmer weather right in the middle of fall!

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Meghan said...

Did you say winery? I am SO in:) Great post - glad to have found your blog through Neely!