Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge - Days 2 and 3

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

Since I missed yesterday's Blog Challenge, I decided to catch up with 2 days at once.  Hopefully, I can stay caught up the rest of the week, but I am making no promises.  =)

Day 2 was all about Fall Fashion and Trends...Well, here are a few of the things I am loving this fall...or at least things I would LOVE to have in my closet right now!
Love, love, love this Bomber Jacket!

Wearing skirts, boots, and no tights is one of my favorite looks for fall!

So glad these flowy sweaters are still in this fall!

LOVE all this green!
I would also be the happiest girl in Nashville if I were to get a pair of these:
Something tells me I may need to settle for the knock-off version that I'm sure Target will come out with!
Day 3 of the Blog Challenge is about your Halloween plans or Halloween memories.  I'll be honest, Halloween is my LEAST favorite holiday of the year (I know, I know, shoot me), so I don't really have any plans so far for Halloween.  I will say that I've had a couple of fun costumes in the past...including:
A few years ago my girl friends and I went as the Deal or No Deal girls!
My favorite costume of all time...Jon and Kate + 8!
Head over to Amber or Neely's blog and link up!


AMW said...

YES! That Jon and Kate + 8 costume is HILARIOUS... you guys look perfect!

Michelle (michabella) said...

OMG!!!!! The Jon and Kate + 8 cosutme is AWESOME!!!!!!