Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Weekend Update...a few days late...

Since the last 2 days have been crazy, I thought I'd finally catch you up my weekend...

Friday was a CA-RAZY day at work (a very rare occurance in December), so I was more than happy to head bowling that night for our work tax department family Christmas party.  We had a great time, and I was so glad that so many people came.  It was also great because everyone brought their kids, which is also fun! 

On Saturday, I just kinda laid around the house and went for a run.  That evening, I met Kat and our mutual friend, Elizabeth who lives in the Cayman Islands (rough life, right?) and was in town for Christmas.  It's always fun to catch up with these 2 ladies!  After dinner, they were pretty tired from a super busy weekend, so after they went home, I met up with Patrick and headed to a Christmas party at our friend Jennifer's house.  Here are a few pics of the evening:
Me with my beau
Me with Jennifer -- the hostess with the mostess!
I really enjoyed my Andes Mint Martini!
Looks like Chase, Tim and Dave thought they were coming to a Tacky Christmas Sweater Party! 
Patrick trying out the chimney hat!
I think everyone had that hat on at some point during the night...YUCK!
So cold I'm wearing a hat...that's some serious COLD!
Is Patrick trying to make off with someone's purse...OR, did he just see a good photo op?????
After sleeping in on Sunday and recovering from too much fun, we just laid around and watched the Titans game most of the day.  That evening, I had to run some errands, so Patrick took me to get my car only to find out I had a flat tire...SUPER BUMMER!  At least it was under warranty so I didn't have to pay to get it fixed!

Last night, Patrick and I celebrated our Christmas with each other.  We started out by exchanging gifts:  My main gift was EXACTLY what I wanted...
I have already tried it out tonight and I'm loving it!  It's so light-weight and can easily rest on my lap instead of having to hold it like a book.  I'll keep you updated as I continue to learn about it...

Patrick's main gift (you know...the one I mentioned in this post) was a gift certificate to go sky-diving!  He has been talking about this since we met and one day last week, I saw a Groupon for sky-diving and knew that it was calling my name...well, I guess it was calling Patrick's name.  =)  He seemed to love it, and I think he'll definitely enjoy it!  I, for one, will NOT be participating...I like to keep both feet on the ground...or at least on the plane!  =)

After opening our gifts, we headed out to dinner at Germantown Cafe, which was sooooo good.  THEN, it was time for my favorite part of the evening...Opryland Hotel!!!!!  For those that don't know, this famous Nashville hotel was severely damaged by the May Floods and therefore, just reopened about a month ago.  It was really fun getting to see all the renovations and the lights.  Of course, in true Melrose fashion, I managed to take a few pictures:

This is definitely my favorite part!
Well, that's my weekend in a nut-shell.  Sorry for such a long post!  I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas week!  =)

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Morgan said...

I love Opryland! Your pics turned out way better than mine! ha

Yay for your Kindle! That's exciting!