Friday, December 10, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday!

It's my favorite day of the came around again just like I thought!  Woohoo!  That only means 1's time for Fill in the Blank Friday!
1.   I wish  that it would snow on Sunday in Nashville like they have projected!

2.  Yesterday I  went to the Titans vs. Colts game...don't worry, there will be an entire post on that later.  =)

3.  Today I will  go to dinner with the Nashville Junior Chamber Board to have a little Christmas celebration.

4.  Tomorrow I will   probably work a little bit, but hopefully I will also have a chance to do all or some of the following:  run, finish my Christmas shopping, wrap my Christmas gifts, buy a tacky sweater for the Tacky Christmas Sweater Party, go to the Tacky Christmas Sweater Party and go to Jennifer and Zac's Wine and Cheese Party.

5.  Maybe    I'll actually get all of that done.  Yeah, right!

6.  Someday  I hope to get to my goal weight and stay there!

7.  I love  sleeping in on Saturday mornings.  =)  

If you'd like to "fill in the blank" on this lovely Friday, head over to the little things we do and link up!

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