Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend Update!

The Christmas Season has definitely arrived!  I know this because I had 4 different Christmas parties to attend this weekend.  However, even with all of this running around, I still managed to get some R&R. 

Friday was our work Christmas party where I won 2 movie tickets for answering the most questions correct in Christmas Movie Trivia!  Then, Friday night, the Junior Chamber Board Members got together for some Thai food.

All the girls at the party
Saturday, after sleeping until 11:30 (no, this is NOT a regular occurance for me), I headed out to run a couple of errands.  Saturday night, our first stop was at the Carter's Annual Wine and Cheese Party.  We definitely enjoyed lots of wonderful cheese and wine and got to catch up with friends we don't seem to see often enough anymore.
Patrick and Me
Next stop of the night...J.B. and Kristen's Tacky Christmas Sweater Party.  Patrick and I had the perfect Christmas sweaters...excuse me...sweater VESTS! 
After staying out later than I can remember, Sunday morning was also a day of sleeping the time I actually tore myself from my comfy bed, it had already started snowing.  Therefore, there was nothing else to do besides cook.  Patrick made beef back ribs, and I made The Best BLT Dip and Caramel Marshmellow Buttons.  Our food was delicious, even though it wasn't healthy AT ALL. 

After spending the entire day relaxing, I'm half way hoping that I can't make it out of my driveway for work in the morning...I'm not too optimistic that this will actually happen because it's only happened once before.  However, when I did attempt to leave the house today, the snow was so bad that I couldn't even drive faster than 20 MPH.  Fingers crossed!!!!!  =)

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Alysia said...

I am going to have to try both of those.....They sound amazing