Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Summer I Went to Europe - Day 7

So, I decided that since I can't possibly move into this year's Europe trip (aka Honeymoon) without finishing up LAST year's Europe trip.  Our last day of the trip was spent in Barcelona and we had a great day.  We decided to do a bus tour that took us all around the city to some of the most amazing cites.  Our first stop that morning was to Park Guell.  This park was designed by Gaudi, a famous architect who has many wonderful displays in the city of Barcelona.  It was one of my favorite places throughout the entire trip.  I almost wish we had found this place on our own so we could have spent a lot more time exploring it and taking it all in.  Here are a few pics:
There are tunnel-like pathways below and a gravel walkway above.

Patrick posing near a tree growing up through the pathway.

Again, columns below, and a walkway above.

Patrick and I posing with a view of Barcelona in the background.

Us posing with one of Gaudi's most famous statues.
The next stop on our tour was the famous La Sagrada Familia.  This is another one of Gaudi's designs and it is absolutely one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.  Construction on this church began in 1882, and it will not be complete until sometime in the next 10-20...almost 100 years after Gaudi's death!  It's simply amazing.  Again, here are a few pics:
The outside of the church...

These are sculpted into the side of the church, and are very high.

I love the 3 kings...

The ceiling inside the church.

Spiral stairway, again, inside the church.

I love the stain-glass windows.

This is also on the outside the of church...fun fact, every row and column of the numbers sums up to 33...the age Jesus was when he died.

This is near the alter at the church.
That afternoon, the tour took us to an area of Barcelona called El Poble.  Looks like we failed to get pics there, but it was a small village that mirrored other areas of Spain...very cute and fun.

That evening, it was our last night in Spain...we spent the evening walking around the streets and taking it all in.  We had a yummy dinner and we sat on a sidewalk and had some sangria.  It was a lovely evening and a great way to end a wonderful trip.

Until next time...

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