Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What One Month of Marriage Has Taught Me!

So, I really can't believe it's been a whole month since Patrick and I became husband and wife.  I decided it might fun to document what I learn throughout our first year of marriage.  So, here's everything I learned in the first month:

1.  If a Mello Yellow Zero can, or a Sprite Zero can, or a bottle of water sits in the same place for 2-3 days, I need to pick it up and throw it away...it's probably mine!

2.  Dance parties while doing chores are way more fun with 2 people than when done alone.

3.  Living with someone and spending every night with him, is a way better feeling than I ever imagined it would be.

4.  Hard Knocks and East Bound and Down are 2 shows I never thought I'd watch...Hard Knocks is one I'm glad I was exposed to...East Bound and Down is...well, it's pretty terrible.

5.  When you're in your 30s when you get married, you have a lot of stuff...when your spouse is in his 30s when he gets married, he also has lots of stuff!

6.  Learn to give a little on the stuff...it will all fit eventually and until then, you can buy more storage bins.

7.  Date nights are still as fun (and as important) as they were a month ago.

8.  "To Do Lists" may be one of my favorite things, but my beau isn't a fan...therefore, keep the "To Do Lists" for only MY to dos.

9.  Sometimes it's more important to relax and watch TV than it is to mark things off said "To Do List"...that stuff will still be on that list tomorrow.

10.  Being married and having a permanent roommate is pretty cool.

I love you, Patrick, and I'm so glad I get to be your wife!  =)

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Justin and Marcie said...

I hear you on Number 8. Justin hates when I make to do lists. I think it's the accountant in us ;) I need to hear more about wedding day!!!