Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Update!

Well, it was our first married weekend...that we weren't was pretty typical, but still very nice to have a weekend with nothing crazy planned.

Friday night, we went to Urban Grub to celebrate our sweet friend, Kevana's going-away.  She is moving to New Jersey, and even though we'll miss her very badly, we wish her the best and hope she's super happy up north, where she's originally from.

Saturday, we were up and at 'em pretty early and on the road.  Why you ask?  Because we couldn't wait to get to Knoxville to see this sweet girl's face:
She has been with my parents for 3 long weeks, and we couldn't wait to see her and hug her and cuddle with her.  I wish I could say that she missed us as much as we missed her, but I'm pretty sure she had made herself pretty darn comfortable at her grandparent's house...she also loved Ms. Peppermint, my parent's dog.    We're still glad to have her back, and I think she's glad to be home.

That afternoon, we went to a wedding reception for Brent and Megan, who were married in Colorado the weekend after us.  They had a celebration with their Knoxville family and friends that also served a dual purpose as a fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee.  You may have heard me mention Brent's mom before, Elaine.  She and I are very good friends, and she was even a reader in my wedding.  Despite the rain, it was a lovely celebration, and I'm sure Brent and his mom and Ken (Elaine's husband) were very happy with the way things turned out.
A picture of both sets of newlyweds!
After the party, Patrick and I met my parents and brother at Litton's (one of our favorite burger joints) for a yummy dinner, then it was back to the house to relax while the boys headed out on the town.

Yesterday morning, we were up and back on the road to Nashville fairly early.  I spent the afternoon returning wedding gifts, and then doing some grocery shopping.  Pretty low-key for the last day before heading back to work.

How was your weekend?

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Caroline said...

I don't miss having to return the wedding gifts. Ugh.