Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Hello Bloggy friends!  I can't believe it's Wednesday already!  I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Monday, so even though I was bummed out to be back at work, at least the week is going by quickly!  Here's what I'm loving on this wonderful Wednesday:

1.  That this Friday is dinner with 2 of my BFFs:  Kathleen and Anna Catherine!  Since we all are accountants (and no, we don't sit around talking about taxes and 10-keys), we all pretty much have no life for the next 3 months (give or take a few weeks), so we always get together this time of year for one last gossip session, and I can't wait!  Since I can't find a recent picture of the 3 of us, here are a couple of recent ones of me with each lady:
Me with Kathleen at her wedding last summer!

One of my all-time favorite pics of AC and me...I really have no idea what (or who) we were talking about , but it's so US!
2.  That this weekend Patrick and I are having our engagement pictures made!  Exciting times!!!!!  What's equally as exciting is that the high on Saturday is going to be 58!!!!  No more of these below freezing temperatures while I stand outside trying NOT to look cold!  Now, let's just keep our fingers crossed that it doesn't rain!

3.  That this is only a 4 day work week!  I know, I said it above, but I'm just THAT excited!!!!!  I can't wait until Friday at 5:00 to get this fun weekend started!!!!!
4.  That my mom MAY have found a MOB dress for my wedding today...she was shopping with my sister and Laura texted me a pic of the potential pretty!  It just screams my mama!

5.  And finally, I'm always loving these 2:

Head on over to Jamie's blog and tell us what you are loving today!


Caroline said...

So excited for your engagement pictures. Happy Wednesday!

Kit said...

Have fun taking your pictures!!!

Ashley Canfield said...

Have fun taking your engagement photos! That is something I CAN NOT WAIT to do... You know once I find the guy, get engaged... All that =)

Pamela said...

How exciting that you are having your engagement pictures taken!! That will be so much fun! Your dog is too cute! :)

Anna Catherine said...

I see everyone else is excited about the engagement pictures, but I'm more excited about #1!! Can't wait, and even me, the anti-picture girl is thinking maybe we need to try for an updated one with all 3 of us on Friday!