Monday, January 23, 2012

Staycation Weekend Update!

This weekend was definitely one spent relaxing and having fun doing things we normally don't do in this great city we live in.  We started off our Staycation Weekend with dinner with friends on Friday night at Batter'd and Fried, and then headed over to Red Door for a few "after dinner drinks."  It was a fun night; so great getting to catch up with everyone...we never seem to be able to do that often enough these days.  Here are a few pics from the evening:
Me with all the ladies!

Patrick and the rest of the guys!

Me with my beau!
Like any good night filled with drinks and friends, we felt it absolutely necessary to stop at Wendy's on our way home...all I wanted was a Vanilla Frosty...well, SOMEONE thought I said Junior Frosty because this miniature thing is what I ended up with:
How tiny is that thing????  Maybe this is the "diet" version!  =)
After sleeping in on Saturday, we decided to head for a little drive south of Nashville to the Jack Daniel's Distillery.  I had been once before, but Patrick had never been, and I was just sure that he would love it.  AND, I was right!  We enjoyed the tour, enjoyed the visitors' center, and enjoyed the drive.  We did NOT however enjoy any of good ole Jack's beverage because the county where the Distillery is located is dry...crazy, huh?  We did manage to get a bunch of good pics while we were there though:
Us posing with Jack Daniel's! 
Patrick trying to open the safe that literally cost Jack his life!

Jack's Motto

The water from this spring is the reason Jack built the distillery in this location!

Relaxing on the porch!

Me enjoying the view!

Patrick's turn!  =)
That evening, we didn't want our fun weekend to end without one last event.  Therefore, we decided to go to Miss Jeanne's Mystery Dinner Theatre.  If you have never been to one of these, you should definitely check it out.  So much fun, and very interactive!  The food wasn't bad either.
The program for the evening! 
Us with our silly props on!
That was pretty much it for our Staycation Weekend.  Patrick had a meeting all day yesterday and I had tons to do since busy season officially begins this week!  Goodbye life as I know it until April 17.  =(

What did you do this weekend?

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Caroline said...

Fun staycation. We need to do something like this!