Friday, January 6, 2012

2011 in Review -- Part I!

2011 was an extremely blessed year for me!  Not only did I get engaged to my best friend, but we also got a new doggy, and I watched as some friends celebrated some great milestones!  Here is a look at 2011 from the eyes of Melrose:

January was spent soaking up the last little bit of time before work got really busy and took over my life.
I rang in the New Year with great friends at a party hosted by Patrick!

I ran in my first 5K (the Resolution Run) on New Year's Day with Mickey and Kathleen!
 During our trip to Louisville, KY, we spent some time doing all of the following:
Playing and being silly in the snow...

...trying to stay warm by riding around town in the free trolley...

...visiting the Louisville Slugger museum...

...having a nice dinner at the Brown Hotel...

...and (my favorite) visiting Churchill Downs!

I also ran with Alysia in her first 5K (the Zoo Run Run)! 
We pretended to be kids again and went to the circus!
And at the end of January, I finally ordered new bedroom furniture!
Once February started, my life was pretty much all about survivial for the next 3 months.  I did manage to still fit in some fun though:
We watched as Baby Hannah turned 1 (and isn't such a baby anymore).

I had a wonderful Valentine's dinner homemade by my beau!

I went on a date to the Nashville Dinner Theatre.

I threw Patrick a surprise Birthday party.

I went bowling with Patrick, Alysia and Ed.

And I ran in my first 10K - The Purity Moosic City Dairy Dash
Immediately after busy season ended, I took a few days off and had a little fun:
My beau and I spent a weekday afternoon at the Nashville Zoo!

I went to the Iron Fork with the lovely ladies from my Dinner Club!

And I celebrated Easter with my family (this very rarely happens because Easter is usually BEFORE April 15).
Soon, things got back to normal and the rest of April and first part of May looked like this:
I ran/walked my first half marathon (and my family was in town to catch all the action).

I celebrated my birthday at a fun but rainy Steeplechase!

I (along with Anna Catherine, Andrea, and Jennifer) threw Kathleen and Mickey a couples' wedding shower!
Next up, mine and Patrick's fabulous trip across the pond!  We experienced so many things in just such a few short days, including all of the following:
We watched our first sunset from our cruiseship!

We visited Monaco and took in the views!

We visited the Monte-Carlo Casino.

We got all dressed up for dinner!

We helped hold up the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

We had a delicious Italian dinner in Florence.

We made a wish in the Trevi Fountain...hmm, maybe this was foreshadowing of things to come later in the year.  =)

We saw the Pantheon.

And Vatican City...

And the Sistine Chapel.

And the Coliseum.

We also met some very nice people at dinner!

Had Sangria by the sea (this led to a summer long addiction on my part)  =)

And we visited Park Guell in Barcelona.
Even though we were sad that our trip was over, we also had a very busy June coming's all that June held this year:
Kathleen and I watched our friend, Anne, make the Titans Cheerleading squad! 
We got a DOG!!!!!  Sweet Zoey became a huge part of our life!!!!!

We met Baby Connor and hung out with his mama Stacy K.

I helped Stacy M. have one last fun night before becoming a married lady..

I also had fun with Kathleen during her final days as Miss Condon!

And, finally, I danced the night away with my favorite dance partner at the NJC Gala.
The first half of 2011 was such a wonderful year!  However, stay tuned early next week because the second half only got better!  =)

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