Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Update!

To say that I LOVE weekends like this past one would be an understatement!  It was so relaxing and fun...I wish they all could be this good.

Friday night, I went to eat sushi with my beau.  Since we ended up staying close to home and finished eating kind of early, we decided to grab a movie and head back to the house to relax.

On Saturday afternoon, Andi, my Knoxville BFF headed to town for our annual girls' shopping weekend.  We had such an amazing time!!!!!  And Andi even bought Sweet Kennedy her very first swimsuit.
After doing a little shopping, we went to get pedicures (which was equally AMAZING), and then to eat dinner at one of our favorite stops:  Cheesecake Factory!  Finally, it was time to head home and relax after a busy day.

Sunday morning, we both got up and met some friends and our beaus for a yummy breakfast at Le Peep.  After that, it was time to say goodbye to Andi, and Patrick and I decided to make the rest of the day count...we finished our registry!  Yes, I mean DONE!!!!!  So happy to have this item checked off my list!!!!! The rest of the evening was spent relaxing with Sweet Zoey and getting ready for the work week!

Hope you all had great weekends, too!  I bet most of you are reading this in your PJs because you don't have to work today...BOO for you!  Just joking!  =)  I'm just bitter, that's all!  Have a great day everyone!


Caroline said...

This post has my mouth watering over the food you ate. Yum!

Amber said...

Sounds like perfection! Weekends like that make all the busy work weeks totally worth it. I hope you are surviving busy season! :)