Friday, January 13, 2012

2011 in Review -- Part II!

So, before 2012 is no longer a "new year," I thought I'd wrap up my Year in Review from last week.

July was an EXTREMELY busy month (and is quickly beginning to be one of my favorite months of the year).  July 4th weekend was full of fun:
I went tubing with my beau (and he did NOT understand that the tube should not be rocked)!

We also went to the Cold Play concert...

And watched Fireworks with friends atop Love Circle!
The very next weekend, we celebrated Kat and Mickey's wedding:
with a Bridesmaids' Luncheon... 
their Rehearsal Dinner...

and LOTS of dancing at their wedding reception...
The rest of the July and August was also full of fun:
I got to see Stacy, one of my Junior Chamber favorites, get married!!!!!

I went ziplining with Patrick, Alysia, and Ed!

I went on a girls trip with my mom to visit my sister!

I ran in a 5K with Alacia!

I hung out at the East Nashville Tomato Festival with my favorite pooch.

I helped Lindy celebrate the big 3-0!

And Patrick had a summertime bash at his house!
Fall began and lots of fun things were about to take place:
I ran in a 5K on a very cold and rainy Labor Day! 
I got dressed up for Jeremy and Jeni's wedding!

I helped Kat celebrate her milestone birthday!

I agreed to marry the man that I believe God hand-picked just for me!

And I did it in front of some of our best friends!

I attended a beer festival at Riverfront Park
After the engagement weekend, the rest of the year was a fun, wonderful, busy blurr.
We celebrated our engagement in Knoxville with some of our closest family and friends!

Then we headed on a relaxing trip to Jamaica 'mon.

Where we hung out at the Jamaican Bobsled Cafe.

Climbed the famous Dunn's River Falls

And enjoyed spending lots of QT together!
After returning from our little weekend trip, there was still plenty of fun to be had!
We dressed up as Fred and Wilma Flintstone for Halloween (and the costumes were homemade)! 
We went to a corn maze!

We celebrated our first Halloween with Sweet Zoey!

We got all dolled up for the Junior Chamber's Cigars Under the Stars!

We took in a Titans game.

And hung out with friends at JJ's Wine Bar

We had our first Christmas card photo.

Spent time with friends at a cabin in the Smoky Mountains.

I nervously watched Patrick jump out of a plane.

We showered Zoey with a ridiculous amount of gifts at Christmas!

And finally, we rung in the new year as our own little family!
Yes, 2011 was definitely the best year, yet!  But I'm sure there are so many wonderful blessings to come in 2012.  I can't wait to find out what's in store!

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Alysia said...

Man you did a lot :-). So glad I was there to share in some of your fun times....and YES, 2012 has many more blessings and fun times to be had!!!!!