Monday, January 2, 2012

Weekend Updates!

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all had a great one!  Yes, I have a big "2011 In Review" post to share and I also have to talk about all things "resolution," but first, let me tell you what the last couple of weekends has held for me:

Since I took off the Thursday and Friday before Christmas, I decided to go ahead and make the trip to Knoxville on Thursday evening.  It was a rough one, as Zoey got car sick twice...but we finally got there and the fun weekend could officially begin.  Friday was spent shopping with my mom (so much fun!) and then I got to have dinner with Ken and Elaine that night!  It was great getting to hang out with them and enjoy some time together!

Saturday morning started out being plain lazy, but I quickly decided I needed to get busy making my famous red velvet cake for the evening's festivities.  Oh, and we also made time for a photoshoot or 2 in front of the Christmas tree:

That night, all of my mom's family came over for our traditional Christmas dinner.  I love spending this time with them every year...we simply don't get to spend enough time together.  After everyone headed home, my family opened gifts.  Let me say...Zoey must have been a VERY good girl this year...because she has enough chew toys to last her all of 2012! =)  Next up, we headed to the midnight candlelight service at church.

Sunday morning (aka Christmas) started out with a regular church service (yes, we had lots of church time this weekend) and then we headed home to eat leftovers, take naps, play with all of our new toys, and just spend time together.

After relaxing most of the day on Monday, it was time for Zoey and I to head back to Nashville (this trip went much better with no "episodes") and get ready for work on Tuesday.

This past weekend also started on Thursday, and most of the day on Thursday and Friday were spent running wedding related errands, but I did manage to have a girls' night with friends one night and to catch a movie (War Horse) with my beau the other night.

On Saturday morning, I ran in the Resolution Run and had a time of 38:38...not my best, but I did finish, right?  And what better way to start off 2012?  Since Patrick and I didn't have any definite plans for New Year's we decided at the last minute to head to Zanie's that night.  We had a great time and then came home and made a nice dinner.  We had every intention of ringing in the new year with Sweet Zoey, but turns out, we both fell asleep and slept right through it...does this make us old?  I do believe so.  We did manage to capture the evening on film before we crashed and dreamt 2011 away.
Patrick is showing off his crabcakes...they were yummy!

I love taking photos with Sweet Zoey!

Our last family picture of 2011!

Zoey with her favorite person!
Sunday was a very relaxing day of just hanging out around the house all day, and today was spent running more wedding errands and getting ready to head back to work on Tuesday.

The last 2 weekends have been EXCELLENT, and I am sooooooo dreading heading back to work tomorrow.  Hopefully, I can have a good attitude about it and just be thankful that I have a good job!  Hope you all had as great of a holiday as I did!

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