Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Eat It. Work It. Blog It. -- Week 1

Hey All!  I have decided to join in on Amber's new blog challenge!  For those who don't read her blog (The Survival Guide for the Young, Fabulous, and Newlywed) you should definitely check it out!  It's one of my favorites...and I promise that has nothing to do with the fact that we are BOTH in the accounting field!  =)

The Survival Guide

Anywho, she has started a new weekly link up regarding all things health and fitness.  Since she started by teling a little bit about her journey to this spot, I thought I would join her. 

See, with the exception of a very bad stage in grad school, I was never the kind of person who had a lot of trouble with her weight.  Was I the skinniest person in the world?  Absolutely not!  But I never had to pay a lot of attention to what I ate and I never really worked out all that much.  Then, in 2008, something fabulous happened.  I started a relationship with a fabulous guy (all of you know him as Patrick or my beau).  =)  When that happened, I became more comfortable in my own skin and in my life than I had ever been before.  I was happy, and therefore, I wanted to eat...and I didn't just eat...I ate a lot!  Also, since I hadn't really worked out since I was on the high school cheerleading squad, I didn't see any reason to start working out then!  You can imagine the result of all of this wasn't good.  In fact, I have gone on a diet each January for the last 2 years.  Each time, I have lost between 10-15 pounds.  And each time, I have gained all the weight back...and then some!  Is any of this Patrick's fault?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  However, I have used him as an excuse for the last 2 years...well, not any more!  This is all me, and I have to take responsibility for my actions.

You are probably asking yourself what is different about this time and what makes me think that I won't gain the weight back again...well, for starters, I've finally gotten my act together and started exercising.  I have been exercising regularly for the last 5 months, and plan to keep that up long term.  Seondly, I'm just tired of dieting...I want to live a lifestyle that allows me to splurge without feeling guilty...I want to be able to fit into all of the clothes in my closet without having to search and search for something that fits...finally, I want to FEEL healthy!  Therefore, this is when the lifestyle change begins!

The next step of this blog challenge is to explain the following factors and how I will handle them for the month of February.

Eat It.  I plan on sticking to Weight Watchers for the month of February.  I also plan on drinking 8 glasses of water a day.

Work It.  Since I am training for the Country Music Half Marathon in April, I plan on working out 5 days a week:  2 short runs, 2 eliptical workouts, and 1 long run. 

Blog It.  My main goals for the month of February is to lose at least 7 pounds, to workout 5 days a week, and to drink 8 glasses of water a day. 

Here goes nothing!  Stay tuned this month as I update you in this blog challenge.  Also, check back every Wednesday when I talk about my Weight Watchers experience.  =)


Caroline said...

Can't wait to read more about your journey through the challenge. You're going to do great!

Justin and Marcie said...

Good luck to you!!! I have no idea how you will have the energy to do that during busy season!!! Props to you for doing this...I'm lucky if I get in one session of Yoga a week ;)

Amber said...

Yay! Thanks for linking up. I think this experiment could be pretty fun over the upcoming month and hopefully provide lots of encouragement!

PS - you're one of my favorite blogs too and not just cause you're an accountant!! :)