Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Update!

Not really sure why I feel the need to continue these Weekend Updates even though I don't really seem to do anything other than work on the weekends.  However, I guess I am a creature of habit, and I also don't want the little bit of fun I had this weekend to be forgotten.  Therefore, here is my attempt to document everything...even the not so exciting times.  =) 

Friday night was a pretty chill evening.  I had every intention to get lots of chores and errands done, but instead, I laid on the couch and caught up on my DVR shows.  =)  Pretty good night, if you ask me!

Saturday, after working most of the day, it was it was off to Mickey's mom's Surprise 60th Birthday Party.  It was a fun time, with great food (and yes, I MAY have cheated and had some b-day cake, but in my defense, Publix makes the BEST cakes)!  After the party, my beau and I decided to head out and have a mini-date night.  We headed to The Holland House Bar & Refuge to have an after-dinner drink, and that place is amazing!  The decor is so neat, the vibe is very relaxed and chill, and the bartender was so friendly.  He answered all of my stupid questions about all the drinks he was making, and he really seemed to enjoy his job!  If you live in Nashville and haven't been yet, you must try it out!

Sunday, was spent sleeping in, doing all the chores and errands I was supposed to do on Friday night, and running 6 miles. 

All-in-all, a pretty nice weekend...I know I said on Friday that I was going to do better with my picture taking...well, I didn't do so great, but to prove that I'm working on it, here is the only picture taken during the weekend:

Thank You Self-Timer!
Hope you all have a wonderful week!  Happy March!

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